Jimmy Bondson is a character from The Man From MI.5. He is an MI.5 agent who contacts International Rescue to help him recover stolen top-secret nuclear plans. He is reminded by Lady Penelope that it is against International Rescue policy to engage in police or espionage matters. Nevertheless, she does agree to help him.

He was voiced by Ray Barrett.



A Search too LateEdit

MI.5 agents Bondson and Tidman arrive at Captain Blacker's Yacht just as it explodes. Jimmy dives down to the sunken ship, and find that he's too late - someone has taken the plans of a Nuclear device that was hidden inside a torch battery.

A Meeting with an International Rescue AgentEdit

While waiting in his hotel room, Bondson gets a call from Lady Penelope, and they arrange to meet in the Forest of Digne, where he tells her that the plans of a nuclear device have ben stolen.

The Plans ReturnedEdit

Lady Penelope contacts Bondson and informs him the plans are safe, they meet back in the forest, were lady Penelope returns them.


  • Bondson is the Thunderbirds version of fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond (Agent 007).
  • Bondson also appears in the 'Lady Penelope' strip in the Lady Penelope comic magazine, issue 44, 1966.

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