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"We have our first emergency call..."

John Tracy is the third (or second?) of Jeff Tracy's five sons, and is the space monitor of Thunderbird 5.

John's signature colour on his IR uniform is lilac.


John Tracy

John was named by his parents after Mercury 7 astronaut John Glenn.

He was educated at Harvard and decided to follow in his father's footsteps of becoming an astronaut, before joining International Rescue.

As space monitor aboard TB5, John has the most important task of relaying received calls for help back down to IR headquarters at Tracy Island, on Earth. As IR's "gatekeeper," he can expect to hear just about anything - from lost boys, to secret agents, and even giant alligators!

He's also very fond of astronomy, and has had many textbooks that he's written published. With the aid of Thunderbird 5's state-of-the-art telescope, he actively observes and photographs the heavens; and his incessant space-searching led to the discovery of the Tracy quasar system.

Personality & TraitsEdit

John is the quietest and most intellectual of Jeff's sons, slighter in build than his elder brother Scott and younger brothers Virgil, Gordon and Alan. He is also tremendously lithe, sharp-minded, has a lot of mental energy, and is graceful. He's all as desirous of action as his brothers - and sometimes gets frustrated with his duties aboard TB5 because he's unable to take part in as many rescue missions as they do. While John may appear to act over-enthusiastically when dealing with emergencies, he is very quick at assessing a situation, proving invaluable when dealing with distress calls.


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(25 episodes) Trapped in the Sky, Pit of Peril, City Of Fire, The Uninvited, Vault Of Death, The Mighty Atom, Operation Crash-Dive, Martian Invasion, Brink Of Disaster, End Of The Road, Day Of Disaster, Edge Of Impact, Desperate Intruder, 30 Minutes After Noon, The Impostors, The Man From MI.5, Cry Wolf, Danger At Ocean Deep, The Duchess Assignment, Attack of the Alligators!, The Cham-Cham, Atlantic Inferno, Path Of Destruction, Ricochet and Give or Take a Million.

John also appears in The Abominable Snowman (via updated archival footage), for Thunderbirds 1965.

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Atlantic InfernoEdit

Woken in the middle of the night, John is called into action when a fire breaks out in the Atlantic Ocean, endangering the massive drilling rig Seascape.

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John Tracy's MissionEdit

Although John is the primary space monitor aboard TB5, he regularly changes shifts with Alan (and, occasionally, with Scott) every other month.

While home on leave, on Tracy Island, John is available to take part in rescue missions on Earth - as he does in Danger At Ocean Deep, where he and Virgil team up with Scott for the crew rescue from the stricken vessel Ocean Pioneer II.

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  • John's facial features are based on those of actor Charlton Heston and pop star Adam Faith.
  • He was sculpted by Mary Turner, who also did Lady Penelope, Brains and John's brother, Gordon Tracy.
  • Initially, John was to be the hero of the show - but co-creator Gerry Anderson failed to find any warmth in the character's face and didn't particularly like the voice, so he had him confined to Thunderbird 5 (so much so, that when Alan had to relieve him in The Uninvited, John wasn't seen on the settee which comes out Thunderbird 3).
  • John is the second/third-eldest (after Scott).
  • Compared to his brothers, John seems to be the least-experienced at being directly involved in rescues, despite the fact that he and Alan (and Scott, albeit never seen on-screen) swaps shifts aboard TB5 on a regular basis. This could well be coincidental, in that not many rescues were needed with him during his time home on Earth; however it's more down to the fact that Gerry Anderson didn't include him in many of the rescues. His only on-screen rescue was Danger At Ocean Deep.

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