John appears in 25 TV episodes (exceptions Sun Probe, Move - And You're Dead, The Perils of Penelope, Terror in New York City, Security Hazard, Alias Mr. Hackenbacker and Lord Parker's 'Oliday).

Trapped in the SkyEdit

John (Trapped in the Sky)

From aboard International Rescue's orbital listening post, John monitors the attempts to save the Fireflash - first by the airliner's own flight crew and then by another aircraft, seeking to transfer a volunteer aboard; both intent on disarming the bomb placed aboard. But both efforts fail. John reports in to base - and the Thunderbirds are summoned to action for the first time...

Pit of PerilEdit

John (Pit of Peril)

John listens in on the developing situation involving one of the Army's enormous Sidewinder vehicles - which has uncontrollably tumbled into a burning pit. Back at base, the Tracys must walk carefully, at first; as Jeff (himself a military man) cautions that the Sidewinder operation may in fact be a top-secret military project...

When all seems lost, John is on hand to report to Tracy Island that, yes, the Army has indeed called for International Rescue; and their help is needed after all...

City of FireEdit

John (City of Fire.1 )

Uh-oh (he spoke too soon): John's packed his bags, and is eagerly looking forward to his latest monthly leave at home. But his much-anticipated plunge into the Tracy Island swimming pool will have to wait - there's an emergency call coming in....

The UninvitedEdit

John (Uninvited)
John (Uninvited)1

Who's that, knocking at my door?

As another monthly tour ends aboard Thunderbird 5, John awaits the imminent arrival of Thunderbird 3. He has some parting "marching orders" - with immediate effect - for his brother Alan, before he heads back home to Earth...

The Mighty AtomEdit

John (Mighty Atom)
Driving Thunderbird 3

Piloting Thunderbird 3!

All good things must come to an end - including John's latest month-long leave at home on Tracy Island. An astronaut by training - as well as an astronomer - he expertly docks Thunderbird 3 to Thunderbird 5, where Alan waits to be relieved...

Vault of DeathEdit

John (Vault of Death)1
John (Vault of Death)

No using the Mole, this time!

Even the best-laid plans of International Rescue can go awry in the field - as John reports, when he updates Tracy Island on his brothers' attempts to reach Bank of England employee Lambert - who's accidentally become trapped inside the bank's vault...

Operation Crash-DiveEdit

John (Crash-dive)
Ocd1 john
Seeing news reports while he's home on leave, John, his father Jeff and Tin-Tin speculate about what's causing Fireflash airliners to unaccountably disappear while in flight. "Sabotage, again?" John wonders, as he recalls International Rescue's very first mission...

Martian InvasionEdit

John (Martian Invasion)
John picks up a distress call from the Goldheimer Film Unit, on location in the Nevada desert. He informs Tracy Island that an explosion has trapped two of the unit's actors in a cave. Thunderbirds 1 and 2 make a successful rescue - but Scott, Virgil and their "miracle machines" will themselves soon be in need of saving...

Brink of DisasterEdit

John (Brink of Disaster)

John's ultimate test...

"Calling International name is Tracy..."

"Go ahead...Tracy. This is International Rescue..."

"This is urgent. The Pacific-Atlantic Monotrain is out of control..."

"Is anyone with you?"

"The company president is right beside me. And one other man and a girl are aboard."

"OK, Mr Tracy, we're on our way..."

End of the RoadEdit

John (End of the Road)

Reporting a call for help to Tracy Island, John's in a quandary as he reveals who it is who's in danger: none other than Eddie Houseman, who knows the Tracy family, but not their most important secret: they're really International Rescue! "Should I turn this call down?" No, says his father, "We never turn down any call..."

Day of DisasterEdit

John (Day of Disaster)
The Rescue Whisperer: John reacts at hearing a familiar voice coming over the radio, "Calling International Rescue" - it's Brains! "What're you whispering for?" he asks. "L-listen to me, John...I've got a job for you," and John does. "OK, I get the picture," and, putting Brains on standby, John alerts Tracy Island to the danger to the Martian Space Probe rocket and its trapped crew, at the site of the collapsed Allington Suspension Bridge...

Edge of ImpactEdit

John (30 Min)

Operation Cover-up is in effect, as Tracy Island entertains an unexpected visitor: Jeff's old friend, Colonel Tim Casey - who doesn't know that his host is secretly the leader of International Rescue. That's about to be put to the test, though, as John's "everyday" portrait bleeps...emergency call coming in...

Desperate IntruderEdit

John (Desperate Intruder)
DI 001

A pirate's life, for me?

Brains' and Tin-Tin's pending departure from Tracy Island, to join the Lake Anasta Expedition in search of buried treasure, is the talk of the family - including John, who's home on leave. After Scott reminds her "to save me a gem or two," Tin-Tin turns to John...

"Anything special you would like?" she asks him. "How about a bright little diamond?"

"Well," he says, "I think I'd rather I'd have a dirty old bar of gold!"

30 Minutes after NoonEdit

John (Trapped in the Sky)
30 min 202

Bad news from Spoke City...

It's a hot one: John and Brains hear news reports of the Erdman Gang's attempt to blow up the Hudson Building. Later, when secret agent Southern's plan to infiltrate the gang goes very wrong, his superior, Sir William Frazer, alerts TB5; and John reacts: "Wow-wee, that's serious!"

The ImpostorsEdit

John (Cham-Cham)
John Overheard

What has John just overheard?

When International Rescue is forced to suspend all rescue activity - due to criminals having stolen their identity - only John remains able to operate normally, because Thunderbird 5's existence out in space is unknown. He eavesdrops on communications traffic concerning the worldwide military search for IR's hidden base...and, while so doing, becomes privy to a certain very interesting conversation...

The Man From MI.5Edit

John (Man from MI5)

An agent with the British Security Service contacts Thunderbird 5, seeking International Rescue's assistance - and telling John that unless IR does help him, the entire world could be destroyed...!

Knowing the family business refrains from involvement in such matters, John calls in to Tracy Island for guidance on this "kind of unusual" emergency call: "I don't know what to make of it," he admits to his father. Jeff listens, and then advises his son what course of action to take...

Cry WolfEdit

John (Cry Wolf)
John's concerned for "a small boy, Australian," whose call for help is picked up by Thunderbird 5. "I couldn't ask any questions, he was only transmitting," he tells Tracy Island. "If he's as scared as he sounded, he could panic and fall" from the ledge where he's trapped. When Thunderbird 1 locates the injured child, though, Scott finds a very different sort of "danger zone..."

Danger at Ocean DeepEdit

John (Danger at Ocean Deep)

It's John, to the rescue!

At long last - rescue! When the tanker Ocean Pioneer II ominously goes silent, somewhere in the Mediterranean, with its volatile cargo - all while John's home, on leave - he's available to go on the mission to save it...and, indeed, gets the call...

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The Duchess AssignmentEdit

John (Duchess Assignment)

When the Duchess of Royston goes missing soon after she arrives in New York, Lady Penelope contacts Tracy Island, fearing her friend Deborah's been kidnapped! It's up to John, to home in on the signal emitted by a St Christopher brooch the Duchess is wearing - and, expert tracker that he is, he does so. Thunderbirds 1 and 2 are quickly in the air, and John directs his brothers Scott and Virgil to a certain "lonely spot" out in the countryside...where things are about to go from bad, to even worse...

Attack of the Alligators!Edit

John (Attack of the Alligators)

As International Rescue's "gatekeeper," aboard Thunderbird 5, John can expect to hear just about anything - but even he is taken aback, when a call for help comes in from along the isolated Ambro River in South America: "Giant alligators?!"

The Cham-ChamEdit

John (Cham-Cham)

The Game's afoot: during their regular monthly shift-change aboard Thunderbird 5, John and Alan are listening to the hit song Dangerous Game - performed live, by The Cass Carnaby Five - over the space-station's radio system. "Tin-Tin really digs this number," Alan comments. John agrees: "Yeah, it's great!"

Atlantic InfernoEdit

John (Atlantic Inferno)

Emergencies don't keep business hours: woken in the middle of the night, John's called to action when a fire - triggered by a "maverick" World Navy torpedo that exploded on the seabed - erupts from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, endangering the massive drilling rig Seascape...

Path of DestructionEdit

John (Path of Destruction)
Virgil and Brains have managed to board the out-of-control Crablogger - but only the forest-clearing behemoth's designer, Jim Lucas, knows the exact procedure for shutting it down! As Lady Penelope and Parker trace his whereabouts, John's standing by aboard TB5 to transmit those all-important instructions...before Crablogger crashes into a major dam - and explodes...


John (Ricochet)

When it comes to needing regular mechanical maintenance every so often, Thunderbird 5 is no different from her sister Thunderbirds back on Earth - and Thunderbird 3's just delivered the latest cache of hi-tech nuts-and-bolts; along with Gordon, who's staying on to pitch in an extra pair of hands, to help John with the work.

There's a major downside, though: TB5 will be off the air for the time the two brothers will need, to complete the project. And that couldn't come at a worse-possible time, for the small Pirate Satellite TV Station KLA...

Give or Take a MillionEdit

John (Give or take a Million)
John Coralville

"Loud and clear, Coralville!"

I (Won't) Be Home for Christmas: while his family and friends are together on Tracy Island, John faces spending the holidays alone, in orbit aboard Thunderbird 5. (Poor old John...!)