You might also be looking for the 1965 or 2015 incarnations.

John Tracy is a character from the live-action Thunderbirds Movie released in 2004. He was the space monitor of Thunderbird 5, before it was untimely destroyed, and in charge of monitoring communications from across the planet. While not necessary part of the primary missions with his brothers, John is nevertheless a vital member of the top-secret 'Thunderbirds' rescue organisation.


Shortly after returning to Tracy Island, Jeff made contact with John, who was overjoyed to hear from his father that the Russian oil rig rescue was a success. His pleasure was to be brief however, as the space station was struck by a missile as part of an elaborate scheme by The Hood. While miraculously surviving the experience, John noted the oxygen supply was damaged, and thus in immediate need of rescuing himself.


  • John is very fond of pizza.