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"International Rescue, we have a situation."

John Tracy is a character from the Thunderbirds Are Go! television series. He is the space monitor of Thunderbird 5, and serves as communicator for International Rescue. He is the second oldest of Jeff Tracy's sons and is the younger brother of Scott and the older brother of Virgil, Gordon and Alan. He is also the adoptive older brother of Kayo and the second grandson of Grandma Tracy.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Fitting with his role of traffic and dispatch from above the planet, John is constantly in motion. While usually not part of International Rescue's various missions, his personality is often described as a high-key whirlwind. Whenever John's briefed on a situation, he calls it as he sees it."

John is one of the more sensible and level-headed of the Tracy clan - which given his role in communications is the perfect fit for the man who inhabits the satellite of Thunderbird 5 that orbits around the earth, picking up distress calls from all over the world. John is a computer wiz, being able to program and hack data on the fly as well as provide his brothers with valuable information about the situations they are about to launch themselves into and as a member of International Rescue he is a extremely valuable asset to the team, being so far the only character to be in almost every single episode who is able to assist or help direct a mission.

When it comes to being quick on the pulse with coding, John is rather fast with tinkering computer algorithms (Runaway & Relic) and is able to multi-task and perform various jobs in succession from his post aboard Thunderbird five (most notably in Touch And Go.)

John has also performed a rescue himself while being onboard Thunderbird 5, being the only person who could rescue a dangerously altitude climbing weather station after his siblings failed attempts (Skyhook) however he also does perform rescues in space on occasion, one of which he saved Captain Ridley O'Bannon after she had been shot out into the vacuum of space from the derelict space colony ship called ‘Eden’ (Ghost Ship).

While serious most of the time and having jokes either fly over his head (Runaway) or fall flat on his own deaf ears (EOS) John has a very interesting sense of humour, it can either be rather blunt (Space Race) or can be similar to his brother Gordon’s which just isn’t that funny (Ghost Ship). He is also a little bit of clutz when outside his comfort zone of Thunderbird 5 but that doesn’t stop him being able to perform the tasks that he puts ahead of him.

John maybe a bit of a loner when it comes right to the punch, enjoying alot of his time in space and uses ‘Gravity’ as an excuse when he needs time alone to think (Skyhook) however he does seem to enjoy the company of others - whether or not he truly does when it comes to his younger brother Alan who can annoy him from time to time - even befriending a AI that tried to remove him from Thunderbird 5 in fear that he might shut it down.

Besides his alone time and floating around in space, John enjoys stargazing, playing games (like chess and arcade machines) and being able to help people in their time of need or emergency.

Notable EpisodesEdit

Main article: /Missions

Despite appearing in almost every episode, there are a few worthy of note where he really comes into his own.


  • When a rogue AI calling itself EOS takes over Thunderbird 5, John tries to regain control of the satellite. In the end, befriends EOS making her a companion on board the satellite.


  • After his brothers' attempts at trying to bring CIR.R.U.S. back down to earth safely fail, John uses the elevator claw of Thunderbird 5 to reel them into orbit. It is also the first time another craft outside of Thunderbird 3 has docked with the satellite.

Ghost ShipEdit

  • After receiving a destress call from Captain Ridley O'Bannon, John suits up in an Exopod and flies out into space to rescue her. after discovering what she is doing out there in the void of space, both John and O'Bannon investigate the strange goings on aboard the derelict craft named 'Eden'.


Promotional ImagesEdit


  • John has so far appeared in more episodes than the rest of the cast, a stark contrast to his underused classic counterpart.
  • From Thunderbird 5, John can control devices on Tracy Island as well as hack into systems and re-program code from space as seen in various episodes.
  • John is known to prefer being in space as opposed to being on Earth.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • Japanese: ジョン・トレーシー
  • Chinese: 約翰·崔西

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