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This is a list of missions and appearances that John Tracy is in.

Ring of Fire Part 1Edit

John helps Virgil track a descending man who was in a hot air balloon. He then helped Alan fix a TV satellite and checked in with Scott on Thunderbird 1's repair. John is later seen helping Gordon on his underwater retrieval mission, and watching in shock as the Hood takes over the airwaves.

Ring of Fire Part 2Edit

John picks up earthquakes that are on the move through the Pacific Ocean along the Ring of Fire, and directs International Rescue to the various locations in which they can provide assistance. With Brains, he manages to track the location of the Hood's satellite, and the location of his secret hideout

Space RaceEdit

While collecting space junk, Alan accidentally picks up an old stealth mine that was left over from the Global Conflict of 2040. While he is keeping it distracted, John tries to find the information on the deactivation code, with the help of Lady Penelope and Parker.


Virgil and Scott are sent out to an old uranium mine to reclose it when Scott discovers that they have a unexpected explorer deep within the mine. John reminds Scott that there is a bad weather front headed his way and that he needs to hurry up and reseal the mine, so that the wild weather doesn't spread the radiation to a nearby city.


John was tracking Kayo's flight to Sydney when Fireflash was hijacked and contacted Scott to let him know that the plane had vanished from his and the air traffic controller scanners.


Scott and Brains are trying to stop a runaway train in Japan. When prompted by Alan that the train's AI might want to play a game with him, John starts to play with the AI until he manages to regain control of the train for Scott and Brains to prevent it crashing.


The rouge AI that had taken over the train in Japan has now taken over Thunderbird 5 and is trying to get rid of John, fearing he is going to harm it. The AI, calling itself EOS, attacks John and locks him out until he starts to run out of oxygen. After sending outside messages to Lady Penelope and having her inquire as to what John might be doing, the brother realizes that they were tricked by the AI.


When Alan and Kayo go to rescue Ned Tedford from the Galvana Mine and get hit by a solar flare, John begins to worry that he's sent them off on a mission of no return, as he loses all communications with Thunderbird 3. When they do re-establish contact, they have a very slim chance to try and launch Thunderbird 3 in the right direction back towards Earth.

Tunnels of TimeEdit

When a hidden temple is uncovered after rescuing trapped miners, Gordon asks John to translate the temple's old language to discover it belongs to a laughing god. When John fails to get into contact with Gordon only to speak with a suspicious professor Harold, he notifies Scott and Virgil to go an check it out.


After his brothers have trouble trying to rescue a weather station from leaving the earth's atmosphere, John uses the elevator claw on Thunderbird 5 to pull them up into space.

Under PressureEdit

Ned Tedford is at his new job aboard the Heavy Metal Extraction Platform that is cleaning up and collecting toxic waste on the ocean floor. However, the platform begins to malfunction and it goes out of control. John hears a loud scream for help onboard Thunderbird 5 from him, and John sends Gordon and Virgil to investigate and rescue Ned while he contacts Lady Penelope about the company.

Heavy MetalEdit

John notices a large meteor headed for earth near Switzerland which turns out to be a GDF satellite and when they discover that the collider is creating a huge gravity well dragging things within it crashing to the ground, John picks up that the Worldwide Space Station is directly in danger of being pulled out of orbit from the sudden pull of gravity.

Falling SkiesEdit

Scott asks John to tell the hotel guests to evacuate into the emergency pods, however all the pods launch prematurely and John had not had the chance to send the warning to the hotel.


Scott checks in on John during a meteor shower and is told that the old moon base that their father used to be stationed at is about to be hit by the oncoming meteor storm. While at the moon base, Scott asks for John's help in tracking the meteors that are falling towards the base for Scott to shoot down with the Orbiting Debris Defense Module.


John provides a distraction by sending Virgil off on a breakdown rescue in his birthday so the rest of the Tracy family can set up for Virgil's surprise birthday party. After several check-ins it begins to become clear that Virgil isn't going to make it to his own birthday party.

Heist SocietyEdit

John is tracking the travel of the underwater GDF train that's containing the Centurium 21 when he looses contact with the driver after the train grinds to a halt. He contacts Tracy Island to investigate the train being visited by the Hood who is aiming at the Centurium 21.


John informs the team that the Aurora Generator at the North pole has begun to malfunction and that they need to try to prevent it from overloading. When they get too close, he tries to tell Scott about a safe landing zone, to which Scott ignores and gets too close to the magnetic field realising that it interferes with Thunderbird 1's systems.


Comet ChasersEdit

Chain of CommandEdit

John informs the team of a cargo vessel that was taking on water and that they require assistance. He later tries to gain permission from the GDF to deploy but they were denied permission and was forced to recall Scott back to Tracy Island. He was later able to direct a nearby fishing trawler to the sinking vessel. He later detects a sinkhole that will cause a new unfinished building to collapse and tries (and fails) to get permission from the GDF again to deploy.

Touch and GoEdit

John informs International Rescue that the Catch Air Traffic Center is offline and later acts as a temporary air traffic controller alongside EOS


John is seen on Tracy Island with the rest of the family listening to Kayo who is trying to explain about her connection to the Hood when a storm of emergencies forces the entire team to deploy. Later while returning to Thunderbird 5 in the Space Elevator John gives his brothers and Kayo their respective assignments while he himself departs in a Pod to a malfunctioning satellite. He soon discovers a motion activated bomb that was left as a trap by the Hood in order to gain control of the Thunderbirds.


Ghost ShipEdit

John is seen playing chess with E.O.S when a distress call from Captain Ridley O'Bannon is received. He then deploys in a new Exopod to attempt a rescue.

Deep SearchEdit

John relays a distress call from Jupiter's moon Europa that has come from Buddy and Ellie Pendergast who are trapped under the ice on the moon's surface.

City Under The SeaEdit

After John relays the mission information to the team, he contacts Lady Penelope and asks her if there is any reason for the Mechanic to be hunting around in the old submerged Creighton-Ward building.


John receives a distress call from the Helius, an interstellar space craft with a future Mars colony on board. The transport ship has lost power to it's control systems and is in need of assistance.

Up from the Depths: Part 1Edit

John receives a distress call from a company that has a survey team that lost contact with them in the Mariana trench. When relaying the information to Scott he discovers that they had stumbled upon their dad's old rocket, the TV-21.

Up from the Depths: Part 2Edit

John continues to track the Mechanic's craft after Thunderbird 1's failed attempt at grabbing it and the TV-21, and tracks it to the GDF's facility that holds the worlds iridium reserves. When the Vault containing the precious metal is stolen, Colonel Casey contacts John and alerts him that they have a worker still inside the vault. After Alan and Scott manage to retrieve it and Ned Tedford, John picks up a heat signature from the Mechanic's craft and warns his brothers that it's about to over load and explode.

Lost KingdomEdit

John detects a sea quake off in the coast of Greece which revels some hidden ruins thought to be a part of the lost city of Atlantis. However when contacting Tracy Island they discover the Lemaire's are already at the scene and after Francois gets himself and his wife stuck, he re-contacts International Rescue for help, John re-taking the call moments after having Francois hang up on him.


Using a remote controlled rocket booster Langstrom Fischler tries to bring a comet into Earth's orbit so he can mine it. When the rocket doesn't fire the comet ends up on a collision course with both the Earth and Global One, a GDF space station with Captain Ridley O'Bannon aboard. While Alan and Virgil take Thunderbird 3 up to the comet and find a way to destroy it, John and EOS use Thunderbird 5 to help O'Bannon to move Globe One out of the comet's path.

High StrungEdit

John detects a high altitude balloon heading straight for the Southern Alps in New Zealand and is unable to contact the pilot. At first everyone suspects that Francois Lemaire is the pilot but when Scott boards the craft he discovers that the pilot is a teenager named Brandon Berrenger, who works for Lemaire.

Weather or NotEdit

Lady Penelope contacts John to check on Fischler and they discover that he has had a problem with his latest weather invention. He sends Virgil, Kayo and Gordon out to investigate and rescue Fischler and his would be investors before the drones cause the tower to collapse.

Fight or FlightEdit

Brains is helping John preform yearly maintenance on Thunderbird 5 when they get a distress call from an out of control Zeppelin that's heading towards a city. Both John and Brains assist Scott, Virgil and Kayo in preventing the crash into the city, instead crashing the Zeppelin into the canyon beyond.

Escape ProofEdit

While talking to Lady Penelope, John is mapping out the tunnel and discovers that it's headed for Parkmoor Scrubs prison, revealing that the Mechanic and the Hood have planned a elaborate jail break. After consulting Colonel Casey about the situation she alerts the GDF to evacuate the facility just as the tunnelling machine snatches the Hood's cell from the centre of the prison. John also helps pin point the location of Horse for Virgil and Gordon who are now in danger of being caught in the escape route for the Mechanic's machine.


John is busy trying to keep track of all the rescues when the call from Professor Dr Quentin Questa about the volcano 'Hromundartdinhurmindur' and tells him that it's just another false alarm, just like every other time he calls for help.

Power PlayEdit

John is conducting the operations from space, mostly keeping an eye on Scott as he progresses through the waterflow outlet to get inside the dam.

Bolt From the Blue Edit

John received a mayday from a cargo plane, and he later supported the rescue from space.

Attack of the Reptiles Edit

John alerts the team that Buddy and Ellie are in danger.

Grandma Tourismo Edit

John alerts Virgil and Grandma about the mine that will soon collapse and helps Grandma Tracy pilot Thunderbird 2.

Clean Sweep Edit

John doesn't just monitor from space; it's his first rescue on Earth. He takes the space elevator down to the atmospheric cleaning machine when it malfunctions. When Parker gets him a key card, he shuts down the turbine and takes the toxic gas up to space so it can freeze.

The Man From TB5 Edit

When Lady Penelope invites John to her charity event, it all goes horribly wrong when The Hood takes his disguise off and reveals there are laser cutters attached to the cables that hold the building. When Bernard Bottomsley accidentally activates the laser cutters, it's up to John to save the guests.

Inferno Edit

When John picks up a fire, he asks the chief if he needs assistance which she declines but later on asks if she can get that help.

Home on the Range Edit

When Brains makes some new gecko gloves, the team tests them out. When Brains downloads EOS to the Ranch's systems, he stands by with EOS to see what is going on. He later confronts the Mechanic alongside Grandma and Brains.

Long Haul Edit

When John alerts the team when space controller Conrad, who works Spacehub transit terminal, is in danger Alan launches Thunderbird 3, and Virgil later launches Thunderbird 2 with modifications. John watches the rescue from Thunderbird 5.

Brains vs. Brawn Edit

When John detects an emergency beacon and notices Project Sentinel being online, Scott heads off to save the Hood (unaware of rescuing him) and the others later launch, including Lady Penelope and Parker in FAB 1. He later keeps an eye out on Brains when he visits the Sentinel.

Chaos Part 1Edit

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Chaos Part 2Edit

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