Johnathan Jordan Jr. (or Little John to his friends) is one of the six leading protagonists of Thunderbirds 2086. He serves as copilot of Thunderbird 2 alongside Jesse Rigel for IRO, the International Rescue Organisation.


Born in New York City with Jamaican heritage, Johnathan earned the nickname "Little John" for his abnormal height. His long, slender build was put to the ultimate test during the 2076 Olympic Games, where he won Gold in the gymnastics event.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Smooth talking and laid back, Johnathan does everything with style. While his fellow teammates take each mission seriously, he will throw out the occasional joke or make a game of it, especially when riding his Flying Sled. Though he can be serious when he has to.

Outside of rescue missions, Johnathan loves to dance, listen to music, and wear the most extravagant clothes around.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Japanese: Sammy Edkins Jr. (サミーエドキンズジュニア)

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