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Johnny Gillespie

Johnny Gillespie

Johnny Gillespie is a character from Move And You're Dead. He is the partner of race car driver Victor Gomez.

He was voiced by Ray Barrett.


"I've Got A Plan To Fix This Alan Tracy For Good And For All"Edit

Having lost the race to Alan Tracy, Johnny tells Gomez "he would love to get his hands on the plans for Alan's Car", and goes on to say "I've got a plan to fix this Alan Tracy for good and for all".

When Alan and Kenny arrive at the Automobile Park in the BR2, Gomez knocks the Automobile Park Operator unconscious, and pushes a stacked car down onto the telecall booth. Luckily for Alan, he had just left in the nick of time after making a call to Grandma.

The HijackEdit

Main article: Victor Gomez

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