Johnny Gillespie was a character from Move - And You're Dead. He was the partner of race car driver Victor Gomez.



"I've Got a Plan to Fix This Alan Tracy for Good and for All"Edit

Having lost the race to Alan Tracy, Johnny tells Gomez "he would love to get his hands on the plans for Alan's Car", and goes on to say "I've got a plan to fix this Alan Tracy for good and for all".

When Alan and Kenny arrive at the Automobile Park in the BR2, Gomez knocks the Automobile Park Operator unconscious, and pushes a stacked car down onto the telecall booth. Luckily for Alan, he had just left in the nick of time after making a call to Grandma.

The HijackEdit

Johnny helps Victor hijack the BR2, after Alan picks up Grandma from her house. To make sure Alan Tracy doesn't beat them again, they force Alan and Grandma up onto the girders of the bridge with a sonic wave generator. The generator is linked to a bomb positioned on the underside of the bridge, and if either Alan or Grandma moves, it will set the bomb off!

After Alan calls for help using his wrist communicator, Scott Tracy in Thunderbird 1 goes after Johnny and Victor. He sprays the road with gunfire in an attempt to make them stop. Victor is for stopping, but Johnny knows there's something that doesn't quite meet the eye with the BR2 and struggles for control of the car. Eventually, the car crashes off the side of the road and is destroyed, killing the two men inside.



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