"Ay, Chihuahua!"
— Somebody's not having a good day.

Cunning, devious, though not too clever, Jose served as boatman for the brilliant yet absent-minded Dr. Hornyak.


Before taking the job as boatsman, young José was a poor and friendless boy with very little to aspire to. Presumably he took the job not only out of desperation, but for a strong feeling of superiority over his river and the trained Alligators living within. He believed the river's immense size had the potential to make many travelers feel weak and small.

At some point in time, José was contacted by the mysterious Hood and his master, The Atrocimator. They promised him a bounty of riches beyond belief, more than enough for him to buy anyone he wanted. In order to ascertain such money, he was given the task of gaining both the undying trust of Dr. Hornyak, and make off with his secret TX2 formula created to solve the food shortage on Thunderworld. While dedicated to the money, José was quite prone to accidents, and this occasion was no different. In haste (or letting his mind wander over all the friends he could buy), he bungled the theft, and knocked a portion of the formula into the sink. Little did he realise that by washing the TX2 down the drain, it would infect the alligators in the river and make them swiftly grow to immense size, strength, and attitude.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

While harboring average strength for a Thunderworldian, José can perform magnificent feats of power when threatened, such as pushing aside an entire filled bookshelf.


The only appearance Jose made was on Attack of the Alligators!, the fifth episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds.

Interesting InfoEdit

  • Jose's nationality is Spanish, both in his name (pronounced "Hoe-Say") and outrageously stereotypical accent.
  • In the original Thunderbirds episode, José is named 'Culp' and voiced by David Graham. While his name was changed, the original title would be given to another character in the same episode.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Japanese: José of the boatman (船頭のホセ)