Kallan James is the leading female protagonist of Thunderbirds 2086. She serves as the pilot of Thunderbird 4 for IRO, the International Rescue Organisation.


Born in San Diego, Kallan was enamoured with the ocean and all its native forms of life at a young age. This led to her entering the 2076 Olympic Games, and at 16 years old, became the youngest person to win Gold in the 400 meter backstroke event.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Posessing an unyielding affinity for the undersea environment, this makes Kallan the perfect choice for any ocean-based rescue missions. She is smitten towards Dylan Beyda, and the two maintain a close professional relationship. Though she certainly doesn't hide her jealousy when another woman shows any affection towards him, married or otherwise.

Kallan spends her downtime shopping or hanging out with friends.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Japanese: Catherine Heywood (キャサリン·ヘイウッド)

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