"Spoiling your plans is the best part of my job."

Tanusha "Kayo" Kyrano is a character from the Thunderbirds Are Go! television series. She is the pilot of Thunderbird Shadow, and serves as chief of security for International Rescue. An expert in the Wing Chun form of kung fu, Kayo is a force to be reckoned with.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Kayo was born in England to an unknown father and an unknown mother. At some point, she was found by Jeff Tracy and raised on Tracy Island, Kayo grew up alongside the five Tracy brothers and their carer, Grandma. While not a Tracy by blood, she is treated as a sister by the boys, and a member of the family.

Kayo is more than a pretty face. She is an integral member of the International Rescue team, and serves a variety of roles usually attributed to someone of older age. In particular her position as chief of security, a role she inherited from her father. When not participating in stealth missions in her own personal Thunderbird craft, she trains the Tracy brothers in physical and self defence, notably the specialised martial art of Wing Chun.

Kayo believes that there's more to International Rescue than just saving lives. She reckons that disasters should be prevented before they happen, whereas Scott believes that International Rescue only gets involved where there is a current situation. Kayo's stubbornness sees her defying orders on a regular basis, whether it be making contact with villains in Thunderbird Shadow, or straying off to catch the people behind global disasters. She does go on quite a few missions with Alan , which she refers to as "babysitting" (Ring of Fire Part 1) although she does volunteer to go with him in Slingshot.

Notable EpisodesEdit

Main article: /Missions

Kayo has the least amount of appearances, however she does tag along on quite a lot of missions with Alan, and has some solo time when they are in need of someone who can perform a job incognito.


Kayo is flying from England to Australia on the hypersonic plane, the Fireflash, when the Hood hijacks it. After confronting the Hood and his inevitable escape, Kayo has to try and land the plane with a leaking tank of fuel and no landing gear in the middle of the desert.

Touch And GoEdit

After arriving at the CATCH facility, she discovers the Hood has disabled the flight navigation system so he could preform an elaborate heist of liquid alsterene. Kayo then chases after the Hood to try and recover the stolen fuel.


After realising that they had been set up, Kayo makes a dash back to Tracy Island to find an unwelcome guest who wishes to take the island and the Thunderbirds for himself. Kayo then tricks the Hood by taking him to Mateo Island and for a brief moment letting him think he has control over all the Thunderbird craft.



  • Kayo was one of the first 'new' characters revealed for the series, yet her origins stem back to the original Thunderbirds. For Kayo is in actual fact, a modernised version of Tin-Tin.
  • At present, she is one of only three female members of the team.
  • The team only discovered that she is related to The Hood in Legacy. Prior to this episode's events, only Grandma and Jeff Tracy knew the truth.
  • Kayo isn't the first time The Hood has had a niece. In the 2004 Movie, Tin-Tin discovered she was his niece.
  • In Falling Skies, Kayo's eyes are briefly blue when she exits Thunderbird 3.
  • It appears that Kayo wasn't aware that Grandma Tracy knew about her relationship with The Hood until Grandma mentioned it in Ring of Fire Part 2.
  • Like Alan, Kayo doesn't remember when the Tracys came to the Gran Roca Ranch when they were kids because both she and Alan where in school.

Foreign TitlesEdit

  • Japanese: ケーヨ (Kēyo)
  • Chinese: 凱優 (Kǎiyōu)

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