Kinnear is a former employee of Langstrom Fischler, working initially as a researcher and later as an engineer. After leaving Fischler Industries after a number of disastrous projects, Kinnear found work at a solar station.


Climate ResearchEdit

Kinnear was employed on the research station CIR.R.U.S., where he assisted his boss Langstrom Fischler in operating the station. He appeared to be new at the company, with Langstrom joking about who employed him.[1]

Asteroid MiningEdit

Kinnear continued working with Langstrom after CIR.R.U.S. failed, helping him bring an asteroid into Earth's orbit to mine it for resources. He appeared to play a low role in the project.[2]

Weather DronesEdit

Fischler Industries began working on a third project - weather drones. A demonstration, with several possible investors present, went horribly wrong, with a bug in the drones' programming to cause them create a dense storm around the facility.

After Langstrom left him stranded at the testing facility, Kinnear decided he'd had enough working for him and quit.[3]

A Fresh StartEdit

After leaving Fischler Industries, Kinnear found employment at a solar station, harvesting solar energy for use on Earth. Sales director Hayley Edmonds pressured him into pushing the station above safe levels of operation. Despite catching a passenger plane below, Kinnear kept a calm head as he helped Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and Parker fix it.[4]