"Kudzilla" is the fifteenth episode of Thunderbirds 2086, and tenth produced overall. The episode first aired in Japan on July 3, 1982.



Dr Kestler and Kudzu vine

Dr Reesa Kestler dreams of transforming Mars into a habitable world, and the key to her plan is within the Kudzu vine. The experiment runs out of control when the incorrect radiation dose turbocharges the vine's growth, turning it into an acid spitting monstrosity. It's up to Kallan and Dylan to stop the newly-dubbed Kudzilla before it consumes the research base.


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Regular CastEdit

Guest CharactersEdit

(In order of appearance)

  • Dr. Reesa Kestler
  • Dr. Sandy Martin
  • Controller 1
  • Controller 2
  • Emergency Team 6 member 1
  • Emergency Team 6 member 2
  • Emergency Team 6 member 3
  • Controller 3
  • Dr. Bellows
  • Controller 4
  • Lab scientist
  • Research Base tannoy
  • Research Base worker 2
  • Research Base worker 3
  • Moondog pilot
  • Controller 5
  • Emergency Squad

IRO Equipment UsedEdit


  • During the search, Dr. Kestler is strangled by Kudzilla and thrown against a wall. This was newly-animated footage for the U.S. version of the episode; the original Japanese version simply has Kestler dragged away to her death by Kudzilla into a lower deck. Subsequent footage clearly indicates that she died as a result of the attack (along with Kallan's shocked reaction and Sam's tear-stained visor), but the dub downplays it to her simply being unable to move. The edit is awkward at best, nor does it help that she is never seen again for the rest of the episode.

Anderson Stock LibraryEdit

  • When the episode begins, the 'Thunderbird 5' theme briefly loops.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Japanese: S.O.S. - Cell of Fear (S.O.S. - 恐怖のセル)


Main article: Kudzilla/Transcript

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