This page is a transcription of Kudzilla

Voiceover: "Mankind is ever expanding the frontiers of technical superiority into areas unknown and uncharted. Each quest promises marvelous discoveries, but each also brings potential danger. In direct response to the dangers of our advanced technology, we need an organization that is ready to mobilize dramatic survival resources at a moment's notice. Conceptions in rescue that can challenge the impossible. Thunderbirds 2086! The Thunderbirds! Five of the finest cadets in the world, dedicated to the service of mankind, wherever he may be in distress, combined with a dazzling array of vehicles and equipment designed to specifications in the space age technology of the 21st century. A special rescue squad, ready to answer a last-chance distress call. A call that could arrive at any time from any disaster scene on or off this planet. These are the Thunderbirds 2086!"

Sandy Martin: "What is about to take place will shake the foundations of modern civilization. A piece of another world. You've duplicated the soil and atmosphere of Mars, and your Kudzu vine is living in there! This should guarantee you the science award, Doctor Kestler."

Reesa Kestler: "My goal isn't just a transplant."

Sandy Martin: "It's not? What are you doing?"

Reesa Kestler: "This is Strandium-90."

Sandy Martin: "What? That stuff's really dangerous!"

Reesa Kestler: "These ionizing radiations should stimulate the natural oxygenators in this Kudzu vine. This will result in increased growth in the Kudzu, which will give off fantastic amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere."

Sandy Martin: "Hey, wait a minute. I was sent here to observe your experiments with Martian transplants, I don't want any part of this. Does the Federation know you're fooling with Strandium-90?"

Reesa Kestler: "I'm not just fooling with it. Think about it, Sandy. This Super-Kudzu could change a barren planet into a paradise with the oxygen it would release. Think about Mars, transformed almost overnight into a beautiful living world, with pure, clean air! A new Earth!"

Sandy Martin: "Reesa, I can't let you conduct this experiment without the proper clearance."

Reesa Kestler: "Get away from me! I know what I'm doing. Can't you see the experiment has begun? Something's happening already. The Strandium has achieveved immediate results. The plant should grow with each additional dose."

Sandy Martin: "Wow! Just how big will it grow? Oh!"

Reesa Kestler: "Ah!"

Sandy Martin: "Watch out, it looks as if it's ready to bust loose!"

Sandy Martin: "Ah!"

Sandy Martin: "What's happening!?"

Reesa Kestler: "Do you notice that smell? It's releasing ozone and oxygen. The Strandium should wear off soon, and then we'll take it to - oh! Aah!"

Sandy Martin: "I've got you. Release your magnetic shoe. C'mon, let's get out of here! I don't believe this is happening! Nice work (!)"

First Controller: "I've got a red light in Laboratory 3."

Second Controller: "Emergency Team 6, proceed to Lab 3."

Sandy Martin: "Easy.... Hey, over here!"

First Emergency Team Member: "Dr Kestler is injured! What happened?"

Sandy Martin: "She was attacked by a monster."

Reesa Kestler: "Too much radiation... wrong isotope... mustn't destroy Kudzilla."

Second Emergency Team Member: "Kudzilla? What's that?"

First Emergency Team Member: "Hold it, I hear something."

Second Emergency Team Member: "It's disgusting!"

First Emergency Team Member: "Fire the sterilization foam!"

Third Emergency Team Member: "I've got it covered. Stand back, men. Prepare to fire Laser. Fire!

Second Emergency Team Member: "It's releasing some kind of acid. Watch out! Decompression! Aah!!"

First Controller: "What the heck is that thing?"

Third Controller: "Say what? A monster Kudzu vine has worked havoc and destruction upon Laboratory Block 3? That's where Dr Kestler's been experimenting with radiation! What do we do, sir?"

Dr. Bellows: "Dr Martin, what's the condition of Dr Kestler?"

Sandy Martin: "She has radiation burns, but she'll be OK. How did you people get hold of Strandium-90? It was outlawed years ago."

Dr. Bellows: "Where we got it doesn't matter, but Dr Kestler was authorized to use it."

Sandy Martin: "Well, she's turned an ordinary Kudzu plant into a monster, and the whole system could be in danger."

Dr. Bellows: "Her experiments were directed from the Mars Colonization Commission. We must study this Kudzilla, and not destroy it."

Sandy Martin: "That Kudzu vine has no intention of being studied. You must contact Federation Authorities."

Dr. Bellows: "No outside interference! Release External Sterilization Probe!"

Fourth Controller: "We'll handle it."

Third Controller: "Incredible! It's releasing some kind of ionized, radio-active acid that can even eat through titanium alloy!"

Dr. Bellows: "We'll lose our financing when this gets out. Contact the Mars Commission, and ask what they can do to help us. But be discreet!"

Warren Simpson: "Space Station ODA in near orbit around Mars reports it's being engulfed by a giant Kudzu vine, the result of a radiation experiment that got out of control. Evacuation is commencing, but if this plant they call Kudzilla grows any larger, it could destroy all life-support, and put an end to the Mars Colonization Project."

Johnathan Jordan: "A giant Kudzu plant! What could we use against it, a giant lawn mower?"

Kallan James: "Hundreds of lives are in danger, and besides, we've seen stranger things before this."

Jesse Rigel: "Scientists working with radiation create a super-monster. I saw it on the Tri-D."

Gran Hanson: "We'll need a Walker, equipped with a Laser. Kallan, you'll fly with Thunderbird 1."

Warren Simpson: "The Station chief is Dr Bellows, and he'll brief you when you arrive. The entire System will be watching this one, so best of luck, Thunderbirds!"

All: "Roger!"

Dylan Beyda: "Thunderbird 1 is rolling."

Jesse Rigel: "Ignition on Thunderbird 2."

Warren Simpson: "Thunderbird 3 is on the Launch Track."

Jesse Rigel: "Control, Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 3 confirm link-up. Next stop: Mars!"

Sandy Martin: "I've never seen anything like this. The DNA structure is completely changed. Kudzilla doesn't need oxygen!"

Lab Scientist: "That's impossible. Nothing can live in a vacuum."

Sandy Martin: "Well, this thing can. It's full of radio-active hyper-pure acid. That's what it's living on. There's got to be a way to neutralize it."

Lab Scientist: "We'll just have to get a sample of that fluid."

Sandy Martin: "Here's your chance! It's Kudzilla!"

Lab Scientist: "Eh.... Run away! Run Away!!"

Sandy Martin: "I left all my notes for my article!"

Lab Scientist: "Forget them."

Base Tannoy: "Proceed quickly to your designated gate. Only Code Blue personnel are to remain. Repeat: only Code Blue."

First Research Base Worker: "Are we Code Blue, or Red?"

Second Research Base Worker: "Blue."

First Research Base Worker: "How about Code Green?"

Second Research Base Worker: "No, we're Code Blue."

First Research Base Worker: "Are you sure?"

Second Research Base Worker: "Erm... we're Code Red now."

Third Controller: "Kudzilla's in Block 5 through 12! That monster plant will destroy the entire base! We've got to evacuate! Who can possibly save us now?"

Dylan Beyda: "This is the International Rescue team. Request status report, Station ODA."

Third Controller: "Thunderbirds, evacuation proceeding through gate 7. Dr Bellows and his staff are still aboard Control Central. He believes that by studying it, he can learn how to control the monster."

Dylan Beyda: "It's Kudzilla!"

Kallan James: "I've never seen anything like that before."

Gran Hanson: "Kallan, you'll accompany me to Control Central."

Kallan James: "Roger."

Gran Hanson: "Thunderbirds, prepare to separate."

Johnathan Jordan: "Whoa, man! If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe it."

Jesse Rigel: "You'd better believe it, partner. One genuine outer-space type monster."

Moondog Pilot: "This is Shuttle Moondog, we're in trouble. It's Kudzilla! Argh!"

Dylan Beyda: "Hold on, Moondog! Firing Lasers. Gran, Kudzilla has to be destroyed. If it takes over the base, it could move on to a larger target, like... the Earth!"

Fifth Controller: "The Thunderbirds are here, sir. Dr Bellows is right over there."

Gran Hanson: "Captains Hanson and James. What's your status?"

Dr. Bellows: "Our situation is desperate. Kudzilla has used its acid fumes to invade about 90% of the Station."

Kallan James: "We have to neutralize Kudzilla, or destroy it."

Dr. Bellows: "No way! This is a major breakthrough. The Commission knew the risk. We just need a sample of the fluid."

Gran Hanson: "We'll bring in the Walker from Thunderbird 2. Kallan, do you feel up to it?"

Kallan James: "My helmet's aboard, and Laser's on full charge."

Gran Hanson: "All right, you'll bring it in Gate 5. At the first sign of trouble, blast out of there."

Kallan James: "Right."

Dr. Bellows: "She's got guts. Hmm, but she'll need more than that against Kudzilla."

Kallan James: "I'm in Lock 5. No sign of it yet. Wait, I've found a part of it directly in front of me. It's blocked up the hole, but seems inactive. I'm going for it. Activating Laser. I've sliced a section. Time for the fluid... almost.... Come on... I've got it. Aah! It's active! Oh, no! I've lost the sample! The Laser's gone! There it is. I've got it!"

Dr. Bellows: "Fascinating. The Strandium-90 was intended to modify the natural plant fluid, so that it could deal with the rocky environment of Mars. But something has supercharged the acid. We should be able to adapt our sterilization foam to neutralize it."

Gran Hanson: "Dylan, the formula is being synthesized. When the computer is finished, fill the rockets with it."

Dylan Beyda: "All set, Gran. OK, Thunderbird 2, follow me in with a second barrage."

Jesse Rigel: "We're right behind you, buddy."

Dylan Beyda: "Gran, it seems to be working! Kudzilla is retreating!"

Gran Hanson: "Keep hitting it. We've got to distract it long enough to get the rest of the Evacuation Shuttles away safely."

Dr. Bellows: "They must hurry. Kudzilla has already started to develop an immunity to the formula. We don't know what we're dealing with. Whatever we do will only be turned against us."

Sandy Martin: "No way! Reesa, haven't you already caused enough trouble?"

Reesa Kestler: "I can fix it. I've got a great set of gardening tools."

Sandy Martin: "You can't be serious. It's not your fault, Reesa!"

Reesa Kestler: "Kudzilla is my future, and I can't let that be destroyed."

Sandy Martin: "Wait! No! Reesa!"

Reesa Kestler: "The Commission should have trusted me. Instead, they sent me Strandium-50. I've got to get into the lab and correct my formula."

Sandy Martin: "Thunderbirds, listen! Dr Kestler is armed, and she's headed for her lab. She thinks she can correct the experiment, we've got to help her."

Kallan James: "That thing is all over Block 3, Gran."

Gran Hanson: "We'll need another Walker, fast!"

Kallan James: "There's no time, she'll never make it. I'll take a Transport, and try to head her off. If we can get her to a lab, we just might have a chance."

Sandy Martin: "It wasn't her fault, the formula was correct, but the Commission sent Strandium-50, not Strandium-90, and you, Dr Bellows, switched the chemicals because you wanted her to fail, didn't you? You wanted this experiment for your own!"

Kallan James: "Come on, let's help her."

Dr. Bellows: "How was I to know Strandium-50 would change the experiment so drastically? Tell Dr Kestler I'll split everything equally with her."

Kallan James: "If we can't stop this thing, you've put the entire Solar System in danger."

Gran Hanson: "You're under arrest, Doctor."

Kallan James: "Kudzilla has the entrance to the labs blocked off. If we can't find Dr Kestler, we'll have to evacuate and let the Space Patrol bombers do their thing."

Sandy Martin: "Hold on, I think I see her. Yes, there she is! Reesa, are you all right?"

Kallan James: "This area is losing air, you need a pressure suit. The acid was due to the substitution of Strandium-50 for 90. I can correct that by adjusting DNA program code Theta Red. Kudzilla can be saved, I know I can do it!"

Sandy Martin: "Come on!

Reesa Kestler: "No! All my life, I dreamed of creating a new Earth. I can't fail now."

Kallan James: "Dr Kestler, we know it wasn't your fault, but we must leave the area right now."

Sandy Martin: "No, Reesa!"

Reesa Kestler: "I'm going to the lab to restore my creation to its original design. And I'm going on my own. Don't stop me. I just have to change the DNA program. Stay there. Aah!!"

Sandy Martin: "Reesa!"

Kallan James: "No, stand back. Get the sterilization foam! Hurry!"

Reesa Kestler: "No, Kudzilla!"

Kallan James: "I can't stop it!"

Sandy Martin: "Hang on! Reesa! It's dropped her. Call for a medical team! Are you all right?"

Reesa Kestler: "I'll be all right. You must use program Theta Red, hurry!"

Kallan James: "It's gone."

Sandy Martin: "Here's our way into the lab."

Kallan James: "Even if this connecting tube leads to the lab, we could be trapping ourselves inside."

Reesa Kestler: "Please, save Kudzilla."

Sandy Martin: "So, what do you say?"

Emergency Squad: "We've got Dr Kestler. She'll be all right."

Sandy Martin: "Roger, Emergency Squad. Captain James and I are headed to lab 3."

Kallan James: "This way. The door is jammed."

Sandy Martin: "Hurry, I think it's noticed us! Here are the program files."

Kallan James: "That door isn't gonna keep Kudzilla out very long."

Sandy Martin: "I'm not sure which is the correct file, they're not marked!"

Kallan James: "Come on, Sandy, hurry it up!

Sandy Martin: "Could this be the one? I don't know.... Captain, I think I've got it."

Kallan James: "Say, come on. There's no time for another look. The doors have locked. Just do as I say, we're leaving!"

Sandy Martin: "It looks right, but the last one looked right also."

Kallan James: "There's only one way to find out."

Jesse Rigel: "Hey guys, you've got to evacuate. The Space Patrol will be here in five minutes!"

Gran Hanson: "Dylan, come aboard Gate 7. You'll pick up the formula, and take it in on the Escape Craft."

Dylan Beyda: "I'm on my way."

Sandy Martin: "Here's the DNA plasma, but it must be injected into the plant."

Dylan Beyda: "Are you sure this small amount is going to be effective?"

Sandy Martin: "Inject it in the main root, and it'll spread throughout the plant."

Kallan James: "But where is the main root of that thing?"

Sandy Martin: "The roots are in the Hydroponic Section. This DNA plasma should transform the fluid cells. Kudzilla should then become what Dr Kestler originally planned it to be."

Gran Hanson: "We've got to prepare to evacuate all remaining personnel."

Dylan Beyda: "If this doesn't work, prepare to evacuate me, pronto!"

Johnathan Jordan: "Beginning final approach. Get ready, Dylan."

Dylan Beyda: "I'm all set. Firing Turbos! I'm inside now. This thing is tremendous!"

Gran Hanson: "Find a target at the thickest section."

Dylan Beyda: "Preparing to fire. Gasp! I'm caught! It's got me!"

Gran Hanson: "Dylan, blast your way out!"

Dylan Beyda: "I can't move."

Gran Hanson: "Careful of that acid, it's deadly!"

Dylan Beyda: "Wait, something's happening. The chemical has changed the fluid. Kudzilla is flowering! It's fantastic!"

Jesse Rigel: "Woo-hee! Is that ever pretty! The whole Base is ablaze with colour!"

Dylan Beyda: "You should see it from in here. A million flowers."

Gran Hanson: "The plasma transformed the acid cells into flower buds."

Sandy Martin: "Reesa was right, this Kudzu hybrid is a natural oxygenator. The beginning of her new Earth!"

Kallan James: "Kudzilla was attempting to bloom the whole time."

Narrator (Dr. Sandy Martin): "Kudzilla now lives on Mars, breathing life and beauty into the skies. Dr Kestler is hard at work on a new experiment, and I, well, I'm ready to explore the forces in the universe that we still do not understand."

The End