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Kyrano is the household manager for International Rescue. He is also the half-brother of the main antagonist of the Thunderbirds TV series, The Hood, and the father of Tin-Tin Kyrano.


Kyrano has long been a friend of Jeff Tracy, who is grateful for Kyrano's great loyalty. Kyrano is a proud manservant to the Tracy family, not allowing anyone to get in his way. (The Mighty Atom)

The Hood was able to exert control over him with the help of a Voodoo statue, and when he did, Kyrano would collapse and have a massive panic attack. However, it would appear that Kyrano retained no conscious knowledge of these psychic assaults, as he always passed them off as mere 'dizzy spells' in their aftermath despite his otherwise unquestionable loyalty to Jeff.


Main article: Kyrano/Outfits


He appears in the following ten episodes:
Trapped in the Sky, Sun Probe, The Mighty Atom, Vault Of Death, Martian Invasion, Terror In New York City, End Of The Road, Danger At Ocean Deep, and Give Or Take A Million

Martian InvasionEdit

The Hood puts Kyrano under his spell and instructs him to disable the Automatic Camera Detector.

Kyrano gets aboard Thunderbird 1, while Tin-Tin is running a maintenance check. She give him a tour of the cockpit, pointing out the Automatic Camera Detector's location.

Desperate IntruderEdit

Brains and Tin-Tin mount an expedition to find treasure in a temple on the bed of Lake Anasta in the Middle East, but the Hood learns of their plans through his psychic link with Kyrano.


  • Kyrano's birth certificate was lost in Malaysia.
  • His counterpart in the 2015 series has been referred to once by Kayo in Legacy. He was head of security before Kayo and retired when Jeff disappeared.
  • For the movie Thunderbirds Are Go, the Kyrano puppet was given both a new head and a new outfit. Although all his scenes were ultimately cut from the film, his new head and outfit do at least appear in Give Or Take A Million.

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