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This is a list of the missions that Lady Penelope has taken part in, and other appearances.

Ring of Fire Part 1Edit

Lady Penelope and Parker track down the components of the Hood's earthquake machines to a disused factory. They find a button and a note, which asks them to push it. The Tracy brothers argue about the button, and when they decide to press it, Parker does so and replies with, "My thoughts, h'exactly."

Ring of Fire Part 2Edit

Space RaceEdit



Tunnels of TimeEdit

Falling SkiesEdit

Heist SocietyEdit

The HexpertEdit

Designated DriverEdit

Chain of CommandEdit



City Under the SeaEdit

Up from the Depths Part 1Edit

Up from the Depths Part 2Edit

Lost KingdomEdit

Weather or NotEdit

Escape ProofEdit

Bolt From the Blue Edit

Lady Penelope visits an orbiting solar energy station, but when it starts to malfunction, the manager escapes on a capsule, and it is Lady Penelope's job to shut down the station with Parker and Kinnear.

Clean Sweep Edit

When Lady Penelope was in a conference in Milan and was about to go on stage, John called her that he wanted her to assist in their rescue. Lady Penelope said that she couldn't go, and she sent Parker instead of her.

The Man From TB5 Edit

Lady Penelope appears at the charity event as the auctioneer. The Hood later crashes the auction.

Home on the Range Edit

Penelope and Parker track down the intruder, being the Mechanic. FAB 1 then loses power and Penelope helps with the rescue.

Rigged for Disaster Edit

Lady Penelope arrives at a rig after she takes possession. When the equipment on the rig starts to malfunction, Penelope assists in the rescue after Malloy escapes in a life boat.

Brains vs. Brawn Edit

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