Jeff needs a break, so Lady Penelope invites him to stay on her Australian Ranch.

Some Explosive ActionEdit

Lady Penelope gets invited by Sir Harry to blow the first charges, at the start of a project to build a road through an Australian mountain range.

An Invite For Jeff TracyEdit

On her way back from the Australian range, Lady Penelope invites Jeff Tracy to join her for a holiday at her farm in Bonga Bonga. Jeff is reluctant, but his sons convince him to take a break and Scott is placed in temporary command.

Bonga BongaEdit

Lady Penelope on her Australian ranch.

I Want to go HomeEdit

Jeff is furious when he finds out that International Rescue has been involved in a rig fire, and tells Lady Penelope that he is abandoning his holiday. She manages to persuade him otherwise, but he is clearly uncomfortable with the idea of leaving Scott in control.

Relaxing TimesEdit

Lady Penelope finally gets Jeff to relax as they sit on the terrace in the Australian sunshine.

A Trip to Tracy IslandEdit

Jeff hears that International Rescue is needed again, to save the crew of the Seascape, so returns to Tracy Island accompanied by Lady Penelope. Scott refuses to grant him landing permission as Thunderbird 1 and 2 are due back shortly.

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