The Ladybird Jet is a jet owned by Tin-Tin. It appears in the episodes The Cham-Cham and Give Or Take A Million.

Technical DataEdit

Endurance: 15 hours
Length: 18 metres
Maximum speed: 3,000 kph
Power: 2 Tracy Aerospace turbojets and 2 Ramjet booster units
Range: 3500 kilometres
Seating capacity: 2 (pilot and passenger)
Service ceiling: 20,000 metres
Weight: 9,100 kilogrammes
Wingspan: 11.6 metres

Behind the ScenesEdit

The puppet-sized mock-up of the area around the cockpit used for filming the close-ups of Tin-Tin piloting the plane in The Cham-Cham is the same one that was used both for the Zombite Fighter Jet in The Uninvited and for the Red Arrows in Edge Of Impact.


The Zombite's cockpit in The Uninvited.


The cockpit of a Red Arrow (Edge of Impact).

In Give Or Take A Million, the Ladybird's cockpit looks completely different in the close-ups.


Give or Take a Million.


Give or Take a Million.


  • The long shots of the Ladybird taking off in Give or Take a Million are reused clips from The Cham-Cham.

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