"Right! I'll put the kettle on!"
— Langstrom welcomes Scott to C.R.U.S

Langstrom Fischler is a character from Skyhook, Impact and Weather or Not, who proudly works for Fischler Industries. He was involved with the construction of CIR.R.U.S., and he occupied it with two other people whom he hired.

After CIR.R.U.S. was destroyed, Langstrom brought a comet into Earth's atmosphere, with the intention of using the frozen water inside to rehydrate drought-torn countries. However, the rocket controlling the comet failed, and instead of orbiting the planet it engaged a collision course with the Earth and a satellite.

After the failure of his comet idea, Langstrom decided to construct a fleet of weather drones to bring rain to dry countries. However, a bug in their programming caused them to create rain in a condensed are, creating a violent storm around his observation deck, which included three possible investors.


Langstrom is buffoonish on near cartoony levels. Assuming he wasn't joking in any way, he forgot the names of his crew on-board CIR.R.U.S., and briefly about the fact that he employed them. Langstrom has a very positive and blokey attitude, but he isn't exactly friendly, as he blames others for his own errors. He never seems to take anything seriously, and he was merrily joking along throughout the life-threatening experience he had inside CIR.R.U.S. on the day it almost fell into a Category 5 hurricane.

Langstrom cares very little about safety, even when it comes to inventing. He skipped the installation of many safety features for CIR.R.U.S. and of other inventions previously. Brains was unable to talk any sense into Langstrom throughout the numerous rescue operations it took to save his life. He didn't change his opinion on safety after being saved by John Tracy in Thunderbird 5, what he did do, however, was declare the construction of a satellite to be his new project for no real reason (something the G.D.F. immediately revoked) and then dismissed his fellow weather station crew before saying he would replace them with monkeys, as they are "a lot easier".



  • Brains worked briefly with Langstrom shortly after he finished university. He claims that, even back then, Langstrom would compromise safety for everything else.

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