This page is a transcription of Legacy

[Tracy Island.]

Kayo: "You've always treated me like family, and I hope what I'm about to tell you doesn't change that."

Alan Tracy: "Come on, Kayo, did you dent Thunderbird Shadow again? How bad can it be? Heh, I'll let ya finish."

Kayo: "Something may come to light about my family, and I need you to hear it from me first. The Hood - "

John Tracy: "It's like the perfect storm of emergencies all across the globe. We're gonna have to mobilise - every one of us."

Scott Tracy: "Kayo?"

Kayo: "It can wait."

Scott: "Thanks. Alright everyone, let's fly."

Grandma Tracy: "Next time, kid."

Kayo: "I just hope I'm not too late."

Grandma: "Me too."

[Opening credits.]

[John enters the Space Elevator.]

John: "Okay everyone, listen up. Thunderbird 1, high winds have trapped a climber on Mt Haushan. He's taken shelter in a crevasse but can't get down."

Scott: "FAB."

John: "Thunderbird 2, you've got a cave collapse nearby Berlin. They need excavation and heavy lifting gear."

Virgil Tracy: "I'm on my way."

John: "Thunderbird 3, I'm sending co-ordinates now. A transport shuttle with a crew of two has malfunctioned. You need to kill the engines and tow them back into orbit."

Alan: "Piece of cake."

John: "Thunderbird 4, a deep sea submersible has sunk in a trench off Saipan. Passenger status unknown."

Gordon Tracy: "Load up what you need, Thunderbird 2. I'll launch from the island."

Virgil: "FAB. Good luck."

John: "Brains, this satellite commands the Global Flood Control network and it's gone offline. I'll take a pod from Thunderbird 5 to have a look, but I'll need you to walk me through the repairs."

Brains: "MAX and I will be standing by."

Grandma: "And I'll take over monitor duty. John, you focus on your own mission."

John: "Thanks Grandma. Thunderbird Shadow, someone thought they could cross the Great Victoria Desert on a motorbike. The distress signal is weak but I think we can pinpoint their location."

Kayo: "I'm on it."

Scott: "We all have our missions, any questions?"

Alan: "I'm good."

Gordon: "Nope."

Brains: "Everything is R.A.D.!"

Scott: "R.A.D.?"

Brains: "That's my new catchphrase."

Scott: "Alright then. Thunderbirds are go!"

[All Thunderbirds laucnh.]

Kayo: "Thunderbird 1, do you copy?"

Scott: "Go ahead, Shadow."

Kayo: "There's nothing here. I'm not seeing any sign of - anything. This should be the exact location of the signal."

Scott: "Keep looking. Whoever sent that distress call has to be down there somewhere."

Gordon: "Kayo's not the only one, bro. This trench is nothing but a whole lot of empty. No visuals, scans are clear."

John: "I can assure you those distress signals were genuine. Something doesn't add up."

Kayo: "Wait a minute... I've found the bike, no rider."

Scott: "Could he have taken shelter somewhere?"

Kayo: "Not without leaving footprints. Judging by the impact zone, it looks like this motorbike was dropped here."

Alan: "This is Thunderbird 3, I'm pacing the shuttle now but no one's picking up the phone. I may have to go EVA and shut off those engines myself."

Scott: "Okay, something is definitely going on here. I'm missing my trapped climber!"

Kayo: "It feels like we're being tricked, Scott. We should return to Tracy Island."

Scott: "I'm not ready to call it quits yet. Let's just focus on doing our jobs."

Kayo: "That's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm leaving."

Scott: "Kayo, if someone really is stuck out there - "

Kayo: "I left plenty of water with the bike. Thunderbird Shadow out."

Kayo: "Hmm. That's not good. Brains, can you hear me?"

Brains: "Yes Kayo, I'm here."

Kayo: "I need you to pull up the Tracy Island security log. It looks like someone has tampered with the sensors along the western perimeter."

Brains: "Hmm. I believe you are correct."

Kayo: "Brains, listen to me. Get Grandma Tracy and go to the emergency bunker immediately. Tracy Island has been compromised."

Brains: "FAB. MAX, you'll need to stay here. Be brave!"

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward: "Kayo, is everything alright?"

Kayo: "I'm afraid not, Lady Penelope. How familiar are you with WASP?"

Lady Penelope: "Wide Area Safety Protocol. It was the first thing Jeff Tracy taught me when I joined International Rescue."

Kayo: "Good. We're activating it right now."

Lady Penelope: "Understood. How else can we help?"

Kayo: "Just keep your comm active, and wait for my signal."

Lady Penelope: "FAB. Home, Parker. It seems we have some rather distressing news."

Parker: "Right away, m'lady. And what about him?"

Lady Penelope: "We can come back for those stolen plans later. See that he stays put, will you Parker?"

Parker: "With pleasure!"

Kayo: "Scott, it's Kayo. I'm back on the Island. We have a situation."

Scott: "You're not the only one. I'm looking at some sort of explosive device."

Alan: "Me too."

Gordon: "Same here."

John: "It's all of us."

Virgil: "You were right about us being tricked, Kayo."

Kayo: "That's not our only problem. Tracy Island has a visitor."

The Hood: "Nice view. I think I'll take it."

Kayo:: "What do you want?"

The Hood: "Tracy island, of course. And the Thunderbirds along with it. Unless control of the Island is immediately handed over to me, International Rescue will find itself in a very unfortunate situation."

Kayo: "You lured everyone of us into a trap."

The Hood: "And yet only you were able to see through it. The devices in which your "brothers" are looking at have been armed with motion triggers. I would strongly advise against any sudden movements, such as returning to your vehicles."

Kayo: "Scott, are you getting this?"

Scott: "Every word."

Virgil: "He could be bluffing."

John: "Negative, Thunderbird 2. This is the real deal."

Scott: "Don't do it, Kayo."

Kayo: "I'm sorry Scott, I won't let him hurt any of you. You're just going to have to trust me on this one." [To the Hood.] "If you can promise me no Tracy will be harmed, I'll give you the island."

The Hood: "When it comes to family, I'm a man of my word. The moment you hand over the island, I'll release them."

Scott: "Kayo, you can't."

Kayo: "I'm sorry Scott. Comms off."

The Hood: [To henchmen.] "Search the island. I don't want any hidden surprises when I take possession."

Kayo: "The transfer has to be done in the control core. We're taking a ride."

The Hood: "It's funny how our lives took such different paths, Kayo. You, on some fool's mission to save the world, and me - "

Kayo: "Bent on destroying it?"

The Hood: "Hardly. I want to build. Create. Sometimes that means starting with a clean slate."

Brains: "They're right outside!"

Grandma: "Don't worry. If they manage to get inside here, they won't stand a chance."

Brains: "You know self-defence?"

Grandma: "I'll make them lunch."

Brains: "Huh?"

Grandma: "I'll admit it, I'm a terrible cook. But that confession stays between you and me, got it?"

Henchman #1: "Come look at this."

Henchman #2: "Could be a door!"

Henchman #1: "Help me get it open!"

[MAX comes through the corridor.]

Henchman #2: "Huh, what is that thing?"

Henchman #1: "Who cares? Grab it!"

[MAX leads the two henchmen away from the hiding place.]

[Control Core.]

The Hood: "Rather unimpressive, considering the rest of the place."

Kayo: "Sorry to disappoint you. It's not typically used for entertaining."

Computer: "Biometric scan complete. Verbal authorisation required."

Kayo: "Control override and transfer. Tanusha Kyrano. Sierra-alpha, 99."

Computer: "Voice print confirmed. New voice print required."

Kayo: "You'll need to say your name."

The Hood: "Agent 79 should suffice."

Computer: "Voice print accepted. Transfer complete."

Kayo: "Tracy Island is yours. Satisfied?"

The Hood: "Attention, International Rescue. As you can see, I'm a man of my word."

[The bombs disarm.]

Scott: "Phew."

Alan: "Hah. I'm in the clear."

Virgil: "Get back to your ships!"

Scott: "Uh, John?"

John: "I'm unable to dock with Thunderbird 5."

Virgil: "You can't dock? I don't have a ship."

Scott: "The Hood has control over the Island. That gives him control over our ships! He's put them on autopilot - back to home!"

Gordon: "This is so not good."

The Hood: "There. Now I have everything I want!"

Kayo: "Not exactly. London? Do you copy?"

Lady Penelope: "FAB."

Kayo: "Execute WASP protocol alpha."

Lady Penelope: "WASP protocol activated. Oh, I do hope that did the trick."

Parker: "Speaking of tricks, m'lady. Any chance you could make this thing disappear?"

Scott: "Whatever Kayo's doing, I hope she keeps it up. I have control again."

Virgil: "I can confirm that."

Scott: "Everyone, return to Tracy Island. John, call the GDF. We may need backup."

John: "That would give away the island's location."

Scott: "We don't have a choice. Kayo may need all the help she can get. Thunderbirds are go!"

The Hood: "Arrgh!"

Kayo: "Were you also this way when my father wouldn't share his toys with you?"

The Hood: "I'm not amused, Kayo. What have you done?"

Kayo: "The central computer has been reset. You no longer have control of the Island, or the Thunderbirds."

The Hood: "Well if I can't have Tracy Island, no one can! This ought to be enough to level the place."

Kayo: "Have you lost your mind?"

The Hood: "It makes perfect sense to me. Your brothers get their Thunderbirds back, but as soon as they arrive home - kaboom. And I wouldn't advise touching that, unless you want the light show to begin early."

Kayo: "International Rescue, this is Tracy Island. The Hood has set a trap. As soon as you return he's going to blow up the power generator. It will destroy the entire island. You can't come back."

Scott: "We're not just going to leave you there."

Kayo: "Scott, you have to trust me."

The Hood: "Trust? Would he trust you knowing the kind of secrets you've been keeping?"

Scott: "Kayo, what's he talking about?"

The Hood: "She's been working for me, the whole time."

Kayo: "That's a lie."

The Hood: "Is it? And would I be lying when I tell them I'm your uncle?"

Scott: "Kayo, is this true?"

Kayo: "Yes. It's true. The Hood is my uncle."

Gordon: "The Hood - is your uncle? The same evil mastermind responsible for us losing dad?"

Kayo: "This is what I was trying to tell you! But I promise I am not working for him. I would never - "

The Hood: "It is rather suspicious, don't you admit? You, here, safe and sound, while the others walk right into a trap?"

Kayo: "That's not - "

The Hood: "And every time we've been in contact, not only have I escaped - I got exactly what I wanted! You've been my secret weapon this whole time, and you didn't even know it."

Kayo: "Scott, you have to let me handle this. Don't come back. Comms off."

Alan: "It doesn't make any sense!"

Virgil: "Actually it does."

Gordon: "You're not suggesting she's actively helping the Hood?"

Virgil: "No, but she does keep a lot of secrets."

John: "It's Kayo, we can trust her."

Scott: "Even if we do, can she handle this on her own?"

Alan: "Yes, she can!"

Virgil: "I don't know, Scott."

John: "It's gonna be hard."

Scott: "There's only one question we need to be asking ourselves now. What would dad do?"

The Hood: "Since you're family, I'll allow you the favour of escape."

Kayo: "I hope you can handle the climb."

The Hood: "Haha, haha, hah -ah? Huh?"

Kayo: "Your plan to blow up Tracy Island has one small problem. We're not on Tracy Island. Welcome to Mateo Island. Right next door."

The Hood: "No, no, no no no no no no!"

Kayo: "Sure, we'll be sad to see our backup generator go, but it won't be the end of International Rescue and Tracy Island. Not by a long shot."

The Hood: "Ahhh! For this, you get to swim home after all! Assuming you can escape the blast!"

[The Hood's Lair emerges from behind Mateo Island.]

Kayo: "Brains?"

Brains: "Everything in under control here, Kayo."

Grandma: "You two look hungry. How about a snack?"

Kayo: "Check your monitors. I could use a hand out here."

Brains: "R.A.D."

[Thunderbird 5's mooring claw swings and takes a fin off the Lair. Thunderbird 1 arrives and grapples onto one side of it. Thunderbird 2 arrives and does the same with its magnetic grab. The two start pulling away in opposite directions and the lair falls to pieces and sinks to the bottom of the ocean.]

The Hood: "No, no, no! Stop! What are you doing? Arrgghh!"

Kayo: "Scott, I though I said it wasn't safe to come back here."

Scott: "You also said to trust you to handle this. And you did."

Kayo: "You may want to consider disarming that present you left us. Unless you want to be the one swimming home."

Colonel Casey: "The Hood. Captured at last. Well done, Kayo."

Kayo: "It was only a matter of time before he tried to capture Tracy Island. Luring him to Mateo Island and activating WASP was always part of my contingency plan."

The Hood: "You may think this insincere, Kayo, but you've made your dear old uncle very proud. Be sure to write!"

Scott: "I think we have a conversation to finish."

Kayo: "You have to know that I would never knowingly help... my uncle. Every time he got away it only made hate him more."

Lady Penelope: "We wouldn't dream of thinking otherwise, Kayo."

Kayo: "Keeping it secret was your father's idea. He didn't want my family history to be a... distraction."

Virgil: "Well, if dad wanted this a secret, that's good enough for me."

Alan: "Still hard to believe he's gone."

Grandma: "Your father may not be in this room, but he'll always be with us, Alan. International Rescue was his gift to the world. Everyone in this room is keeping that gift alive. He would be so proud of each and every one of you. Now, who wants some dinner? I'm kidding."

John: "Kidding or not, dinner will have to wait. We've got a situation, I'm gonna need everyone."

Scott: "Then it looks like - Thunderbirds are go!"

The Hood: "Come to gloat, have you?"

Colonel Casey: "You're being transferred to Parkmoor Scrubs Prison. No one is going to see you for a long, long time."

The Hood: "And that makes the world safe? I happen to know what's coming next, Colonel. If you or International Rescue thought I was bad, hahah. Just you wait."