"But did we make it or not?"

Lieutenant Ralph is a character from Pit of Peril. He is a lieutenant in the US Army. He was on board the U.S army helicopter that accompanied the Sidewinder during its jungle test.



Aboard the Copter WatchdogEdit

Along with General Peters, Ralph oversaw the testing of the new US Army's all-terrain Sidewinder in an army helicopter, codenamed "copter watchdog"

Disaster StrikesEdit

The Sidewinder had stopped in a clearing in the jungle, that in fact a second world war dumping ground for unwanted military equipment. A crust of earth had formed over the top and spontaneous combustion had caused the wreckage in the pit to burn up. The weight of the Sidewinder was too much for the ground and it caved in taking the Sidewinder with it. Sweeney and his crew were trapped 300 feet below ground.

General Peters organize a rescues attempt, but after two men are badly burnt, he calls in International Rescue for help.