"It''s International Rescue. Wilson, it's International Rescue!"

Lindsey is an archaeologist who works for an outfit called Salar. Along with his friend and fellow archaeologist, Wilson, he's fronting an expedition in the Sahara Desert. The object of their search: the legendary Lost Pyramid of Khamandides.

But Lindsey's obsession with finding it lands both of them - as well as International Rescue - in grave danger...

Voiced by Matt Zimmerman, Lindsey appears in The Uninvited.

Saving Scott Edit

The Salar expedition takes an unexpected turn - quite literally - when Wilson and Lindsey's desert jeep comes across the recently-crashed Thunderbird 1 and its injured pilot, Scott Tracy...The two archaeologists take Scott under their wing, rendering first-aid for his injuries and contacting International Rescue at his behest...


  • Lindsey's puppet is one of the few minor-character puppets with a so-called "blinker" head, meaning it could close and open its eyes.
  • Lindsey's puppet also appeared - in a somewhat-modified form - in City of Fire, as Joe Carter.