Liquid Alsterene is a high density liquid fuel that was transported aboard Ocean Pioneer tankers.

The Mystery of the Radio InterferenceEdit

International Rescue started to get interference on their radio transmissions while on a mission to save a hospital (that had been hit by a typhoon), on the Pacific island of Oahu.

Brains travels up to Thunderbird 5 to make a tape of the interference, and on his return to Tracy Island, sets to work in his laboratory.

The ExperimentEdit

With the help of Tin-Tin, Brains' experiments show that the result of close proximity of a high density liquid fuel (alsterene) and a low density substance known as OD-60, produces high impedance waves, which can interrupt and cut off radio communication on a bandwidth for a given distance.

Brains also observed that the contents of the test-tubes by even a closer proximity, further chemical action takes place, until finally they explode.

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