"It will be a great disaster!"
— Bruno

"Lord Parker's 'Oliday" is the fourth episode of Thunderbirds season 2, first broadcast on 23rd October 1966.

While Lady Penelope and Parker are on holiday at the world's first solar-powered town, a massive storm knocks the generator's reflector down the mountain. It lands in such a position that the suns rays will be reflected towards the town and destroy it when the sun rises. While Parker distracts the population, Brains works to move the reflector to a safe orientation.


The town of Monte Bianco is being used in a test. Professor Lundgren has created a solar generator which will use the sun's energy to power the whole town. Inside the generator, the Professor and his assistant, Mitchell, look out over the town. The Professor is hoping that once this test successful, they can move on to bigger things, such as powering the entire world with solar energy.

In England, Penelope is going on holiday. After packing her bags, she lets Parker take them down to the car, but also tells him that this holiday is just as much for him as it is for her, so he can go in something more casual. Parker gets changed, but it begins to rain. Parker says it doesn't matter, as he understands that the sun always shines in Monte Bianco.

Later on in Monte Bianco, at a hotel, two of the staff discuss how busy they are. Faccini says that the town will soon become famous for being the first solar powered town in the world, but Bruno thinks the whole thing is a bad idea, as it is against nature. He thinks there will be a great disaster. Faccini thinks he is crazy and tells him to get back to work. Meanwhile, Penelope and Parker have arrived, and head towards the town via passing through some mountains. Parker tries the radio but it doesn't work properly. Penelope thinks it must be interference from the mountains.

On Tracy Island, Jeff and Brains talk about the town Penelope is going to visit. Brains has taken a quick look at Professor Lundgren's design, but he wishes he could be with Penelope to go and take a closer look at it. Back at the generator, everything is going well -they have stored up around 20 hours worth of power, and intend to turn it on when things go dark. Which could be sooner than they thought, due to some clouds. It looks like they are going to be having a storm.

The rain starts just as Penelope and Parker arrive at the hotel. Faccini welcomes her inside, and says he will show her to her room. He also mentions that the party tonight will be a fancy dress one. Later on, Parker is in his new outfit as Penelope appears in hers. The party begins, and Faccini is excited to announce that the town will become the first solar powered on in the world. A countdown begins, and at the generator, Mitchell throws a switch, and the lights in the town all come on. The storm continues to worsen though, and a lightning bolt hits the generator's tower. It seems that the solar power conductor has not received any damage, just the tower, but then a second bolt of lightning hits the dish itself, causing another explosion.

The computers inside the generator are going crazy, and then a third lightning bolt hits the tower. This causes another explosion, only this time, it cause actual damage to the structure also. Professor Lundgren decides to cut the power, and the village of Monte Bianco is plunged into darkness. At the hotel, everyone has to resort to using candles to get light.

Lundgren wants to take a closer look at the tower, but as soon as he gets to the roof, he has to get down as the tower topples over. The dish falls off the side of a cliff and ends up coming to a stop on a ledge, pointing right towards the town.

Mitchell heads up to the roof and finds that Lundgren is alright, and he tells him that the dish has come to a stop halfway down the mountain. In the hotel, Faccini tells Penelope that it looks like the storm is passing. Back on the mountain, the dish starts to brighten up as it reflects the light from the moon. The dish now acts as a huge mirror, reflecting the moonlight all over the town. Faccini says the party can continue outside now that the storm has passed, and soon all of the guests are at tables outdoors. Parker thinks things have a funny way of working out.

Bruno walks up to Penelope and tells her that when the sun rises, it will be a great disaster. Faccini then shoos him away, but Penelope thinks Bruno could be right. She tells Parker to find Bruno and not let him tell the other guests what he told her, but to also stop any of the other guests from leaving as they may need every pair of hands they can get. She then returns to FAB 1 to give Jeff Tracy a call, but due to the interference from the mountains, she can't get through to him.

Penelope knows where to go and drives FAB 1 straight over a ledge! But the car can move on water when she deploys the hydrofoils. Out at sea, Penelope tries to call Jeff again, but this time, she gets through to him.

She explains what has happened, and how the dish is now pointing straight at the two. When the sun rises tomorrow, the dish will act like a magnifying glass, as the sunlight will be reflected onto the town and set it on fire when it gets hot enough. Jeff sends Virgil, Alan and Brains off in Thunderbird 2, whilst Scott takes off first in Thunderbird 1.

Penelope explains to Parker what the situation is, and that she is going to get changed and then drive to the solar generator. Meanwhile she wants him to keep the guests in the hotel. As she walks off, Parker wonders what he should do to do that. Later on, Penelope drives off, whilst Parker has a word with Bruno. He explains they need to keep the guests here as they might need to help out tomorrow in putting out fires, if it comes to that. Bruno asks what he has in mind, and Parker says they will keep them occupied early tomorrow morning with a little game.

Penelope finds out that the Professor is alright, but Mitchell says he has done some calculations. He believes that the sun will not do any significant damage to the town until 6:30 am. Penelope knows that in just under an hours time, the sun will rise. Later on the sun starts to rise, but International Rescue are almost at the scene. Thunderbird 1 is nearly there, and Scott finds out that Thunderbird 2 is only 20 minutes behind him.

Penelope says she has called International Rescue, and tells Mitchell to take Lundgren to a hospital where he can received proper treatment. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Parker and Bruno have come up with a plan: a bingo game. The room is ready, so Parker tells Bruno to go and wake up all of the guests and Faccini. Bruno thinks it is early, but Parker doesn't care about that.

Scott arrives at the dish, and passes it a couple of times whilst taking pictures. He has these pictures sent to Thunderbird 2, where Brains takes a look at them. He says that things are not going to be easy -as the dish weighs around 400 tons, they cannot just lift it away. He does see that the dish's rotational gear seems undamaged, so the only chance they've got is to try and rotate the dish so it points upwards rather than at the town.

Back at the hotel, Faccini apologizes -he did not realise Parker was a Lord! The other guests are ready and were quite willing to get up once they discovered a Lord was with them. Virgil contacts Tracy Island, but his signal only just about gets through. Jeff tells him that he is in charge of making any on the spot decisions, and to be careful. Thunderbird 2 arrives at the dish, and hovers over it.

Alan wants to go down, but Brains says he needs to be the one to get a really close look at the dish. Virgil decides to let Brains go, and he is soon winched down. As Brains lands on the dish, he finds that the harness is difficult to move around in, so he takes it off. Virgil isn't happy about that, but Brains says he knows what he is doing.

Brains climbs up towards the rotational gear, and has Alan send down a powerful magnet out of Thunderbird 2, known as the magno grip. He gets it and puts it in place. He then gets clear, so Thunderbird 2 can move.

Virgil moves Thunderbird 2 upwards, but the dish doesn't move. Even when Thunderbird 2 is at full thrust, it still cannot rotate the dish. Brains realises that the rotational gear must be jammed, so he tells Alan to send the laser unit down to him. As all of this is going on, Parker's bingo game has begun -and he tells the guests that things are really hotting up.

Brains takes a look at the rotational gear and confirms it has jammed. He says it will take him a couple of minutes to use the laser to cut through it, but Virgil says he won't have time, as he can see that the hotel roof has already started to smoke. This reminds Brains of a new device he fitted on Thunderbird 1, and he tells Scott to use it. Scott generates lots of smoke out of Thunderbird 1's exhaust.

The smoke passes over the dish, which blocks out the sun and gives Brains more time to work. He finishes what he needs to do, so Virgil tells him to clear out of there so he can have another go at rotating the dish. Brains starts to move away, but he complains that he can hardly move in this protective suit.

With Brains out of the way, Virgil begins to ascend in Thunderbird 2, and this time the dish moves. He moves it so much however it tips over, smacking into the mountain behind it. This causes a lot of rubble to fall, but Alan is alarmed when he sees that Brains has fallen! The debris lands all over him.

The dish then topples over, and falls right down to the base of the mountain. All that is left of Brains is a single arm left poking out of the rubble, but it turns out Brains hasn't died after all -he found the suit so difficult to work in that he had to take it off. Virgil tells him to get back in that safety harness and to get back up into Thunderbird 2.

Virgil reports back to Tracy Island, and tells Jeff that their mission has been accomplished. They are on their way home. Back in Monte Bianco, Penelope wants an explanation -why is Parker suddenly a Lord? Parker says that he thought the guests were more likely to follow orders given by someone who was an English Lord. Penelope says that given the circumstances, she'll forget it. She finds out that the guests played bingo, and she wants Parker to instruct her on how to play it sometime, but for now, she wants to go to the beach. She tells "Lord" Parker to go and get changed, but it turns out he anticipated where they were going next -he takes off his cloak and reveals his bathing suit - "BINGO!"

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The partygoer.

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  • FAB 1 is revealed to have a set of hydrofoils, and can travel over the ocean. Whether or not the fitting was required after Parker gambled away FAB 2 in The Man From MI.5 is never confirmed.
    • This is to say nothing of the fact Lady Penelope appears to be quite confident driving FAB 1 on her own, considering her previous driving skills (or lack thereof) displayed in Vault Of Death.
  • The jetty set was also used in Thunderbirds Are Go, during the part where Parker chases The Hood. Also used is the cubic base part of the solar generator tower - as one of the buildings in the town of Craigsville - it can be seen within seconds of Zero X crashing into the town.
  • The wall rug previously seen hanging in Creighton-Ward Mansion's drawing room has moved to the corridor outside Lady Penelope's bedroom.
  • As part of the half-hour "cliffhanger" package, the first instalment concludes when Thunderbird 1 launches and subsequently changes to horizontal flight mode.
  • Mitchell, Professor Lundgren's assistant, was previously seen as Captain Ashton in Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.
  • It appears that Senor Faccini has hired Cass Carnaby to perform at his hotel, as the pianist is seen in a brief clip lifted from The Cham-Cham.
  • The music that plays on FAB 1's radio is 'Blues Pacifica' from the Stingray episode Tune of Danger.
  • The solar collector's control panel looks almost identical to that of the TARDIS console used in the production era.


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Foreign TitlesEdit

  • French: Les vacances de Parker
  • German: Lord Parker macht Ferien
  • Spanish: Las Vacaciones de Lord Parker
  • Italian: Le vacanze di Lord Parker
  • Dutch: Lord Parkers vakantie
  • Japanese: 太陽反射鏡の恐怖

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