Lord Silton

Lord Silton

Lord Silton is a character from Vault Of Death. He is the president of The Bank of England.

He was voiced by Peter Dyneley.


Dinner at Creighton-Ward ManorEdit

Lady Penelope invites Lord Silton to dinner at Creighton-Ward Manor. While he is there, he receives an emergency call from the Bank.

When Lady Penelope asked if the Bank was being robbed, Parker dropped the coffee all down Lord Silton's suit in shock, thinking it is his old friend Light-Fingered Fred breaking in.

Back to the BankEdit

After a hair raising trip back to London with Lady Penelope driving FAB 1, Lord Silton is shocked to see Parker take seconds to break into the vault with one of Lady Penelope's hair pins. He tells Lovegrove, "We would be better off with the old safe, we can't have people breaking-in with hair pins".


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