The Lost Pyramid

The Lost Pyramid of Khamandides was a location from The Uninvited. It was a pyramid in the Sahara Desert that the Salar explorers Wilson and Lindsey found.
The pyramid was covered on the outside with hieroglyphics, that read "This is the great tomb of the King Khamandides, The God of the eternal fountain". As Lindsey was translating the inscription a door mysteriously swung open in the side of the pyramid and they entered, but it then closed behind them, trapping the pair inside. Exploring the pyramid, Wilson and Lindsey discovered an eternal fountain surrounded by treasure, but heat and dehydration took its toll on Lindsey and he went mad.
The pyramid held another secret, it was the base of a mysterious race who clearly thought everybody were uninvited.

The pyramid, along with the Zombites, were destroyed when a gas leak ignited.

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