Lucille Tracy

Lucille "Lucy" Tracy (née Taylor) was the wife of Jeff Tracy and mother of the five Tracy brothers: Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon and Alan.

The official cause of death is unknown due to conflicting sources, such as an illness, a road accident and the most official death so far, avalanche (The Complete Thunderbirds Story).

Regardless of how she passed away, her death inspired Jeff to create International Rescue to save other people's lives around the World in her memory.

Jeff and Lucy Artwork

A young Jeff meets Lucy for the very first time.


Each Tracy boy is said to take after their mother in one way or another:


  • Lucille Tracy was never officially named or referred to on-screen. While the TV21 magazine briefly mentioned a "Mrs. Tracy", it wouldn't be until the early 1990's when Alan Fennell named and incorporated her into the Thunderbirds The Comic storyline The Complete Thunderbirds Story. It is debatable whether or not she is considered canon to the original television series (as neither Gerry nor Sylvia Anderson were involved with the story, plus the comic altered numerous established story elements such as the setting being 2026 instead of 2065). However, later publications have retroactively added her to the '2065' timeline.
  • In Joan Marie Verba's Countdown To Action!, Lucy's maiden name is said to be Taylor.

Thunderbirds (2004 Movie)Edit


Lucille in Jeff's photograph

  • In the 2004 movie, Lucille appears in a photograph hanging in Jeff's office. Shortly after, The Hood tries to set Alan against his father by telling him that he left Lucille to die when she was hit by an avalanche. Unfortunately for him though, Alan doesn't fall for it.

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