The Luddites were a notorious criminal organisation operating in London. For reasons unknown, they despised the technology of 2060 and wanted to live in a world without it. They hide their faces with black hoods and black balaclavas, the latter having an power symbol, the emblem of the group, painted on in white.

In Unplugged, they create a massive electromagnetic frequency generator and wiped out all the electricity in London, and caused planes (including Thunderbird 2) to fall from the sky.

Lady Penelope and Parker disguised themselves as members, and discovered they were stealing a device called the Universal Grid Codex to destroy the Global Power Grid.

They were later sealed in the vault and arrested after Parker knocked them out. The Hood, who disguised as one of the members, escaped with what he thought was the Codex, but it turned out that Parker switched it with a torch.



  • The Luddites have the same name as a group of protesting former workers in 18th Century Britain. Angry at being replaced by machinery, which destroyed their only chances of earning money, given the poor economic conditions of the period, these workers protested by committing acts of violence such as destroying machinery and beating up employers, leaving names from Ned Ludd, and Sir Ludd to King Ludd. The connection between these two groups needs further clarification, however.