"I was just a-wondering if there's anything out at that old mine..."

Ma Tuttle is the mother of Jeremiah Tuttle, who's a field agent (call-sign: Agent 47) for International Rescue.

When she isn't relaxing in her favorite rocking chair, smoking a pipe (and with a rifle resting across her white-aproned lap), on the veranda of their house out in the countryside, Ma fancies creating improvised explosive devices - the most notable of which, is known locally as "Ma's Beans."

The Tuttles both appear in The Impostors, with Ma voiced by Sylvia Anderson.



A Mission to Catch ImpostorsEdit

Remembering Jeremiah's earlier report to Alan of suspicious aircraft-tire tracks, IR leader Jeff Tracy sends Lady Penelope to America to investigate. Jeremiah and his mother set off in their Ford Model T car to meet her...

Penelope ArrivesEdit

Penelope, Parker, Jeremiah and Ma confer, back at the Tuttle homestead. Plans are made for Penelope to go up to the old mine. Jeremiah volunteers to go after the impostors - he knows the country - but Her Ladyship insists she will deal with them herself...

Ma's Beans to the Rescue!Edit

When Penelope and Parker finally manage to make their way toward the old mine (the impostors' hideout) - notwithstanding several misadventures, en route - they're spotted by the villains, Carela and Jenkins, who open fire. Fortunately, Jeremiah and his mother followed them into the woods; and Jeremiah expertly flushes out the bad guys - with some sharp-shooting of his own (after Penelope's weapon jams up with mud!), plus a generous serving of Ma's explosive beans. BOOM!