Ma Tuttle

Ma Tuttle is Jeremiah Tuttle's mother and a character from The Impostors.

When she isn't smoking a pipe on the veranda of her house with a gun on her lap, she likes to make improvised explosive devices. Her most famous creation in this field is known locally as "Ma's Beans".

She was voiced by Sylvia Anderson.


A Mission to Catch an ImpostorEdit

Remembering Jeremiah's report of aircraft tracks, Jeff sends Lady Penelope to investigate, Jeremiah and his mother set off in their Ford Model T car to meet lady Penelope en route.

Lady Penelope ArrivesEdit

Jeremiah takes Parker and Lady Penelope back to the house, were she makes plans to go up to the old mine. Jeremiah volunteers to go after the impostors, but Lady Penelope insists she will deal with them herself.

Ma's BeansEdit

Lady Penelope and Parker arrive at the old mine (the impostors' hideout), but they are spotted by the villains, who open fire on them. Fortunately Jeremiah and his mother have followed Lady Penelope and Parker into the woods and flush the two villains out of the mine with explosive beans. As a result, International Rescue are exonerated.


  • The Ma Tuttle puppet makes a cameo appearance in The Cham-Cham, as one of the guests at the Paradise Peaks Hotel.
  • Ma Tuttle was sculpted by Joy Cuff.

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