Madline Lemaire
"You have a knack for getting rescued my dear husband, I can't wait to write this chapter in your biography."

Madeline Lemaire is the wife and biographer of the famous rich explorer Francois Lemaire. With her adrenaline seeking husband, she unwillingly accompanies him and documents his adventures - from inside the tail of Halley's comet, the Mariana Trench, a farm in Kent (Comet Chasers) and the lost ruins of Atlantis (Lost Kingdom).

When she isn't getting stuck in dangerous situations caused by her husband, Madeline is looking after him helping him recover from his own self inflicted injuries (High Strung), which she gets a little bit of amusement out of his misfortune.

Madeline is voiced by Taj Atwal.



  • Madeline's character model has been reused with re-skins in a few instances, most notably as the receptionist in Space Race, the crane driver in Unplugged, and the reporter in Falling Skies. Her character model also appears as a non speaking background character throughout the series.