• When Thunderbird 1 is flying to the danger zone the "TB1" sign, changes position on the craft's side (when its landing gear is lowered). The tail markings are also visibly larger in the same shot.
    • The font size of the "TB1" is also is bigger in a later shot (when Thunderbird 2 arrives on the scene).
  • When Thunderbird 1 arrives at the danger zone it start to descend with wheels as landing gear, but when Thunderbird 1 lands, it lands with skids on the end of the legs, and the wheels are no longer there.
  • When Thunderbird 1 lands, the markings ("Thunderbird 1") are not down the full length of the vehicles. This lettering is in completely different font to that seen on the vehicle during the launch sequence.
  • In the Thunderbird 2 hangar, Virgil selects Pod 5, but when the cliff face door drops down, we see that Pod 2 is on the right of Thunderbird 2 (instead of Pod 4, which it should be).
  • When the Hood approaches the communications mast, in the stolen Aircraft, weather veins can be seen on the top, but after nearly crashing into it, we see communication dishes instead.