Martian Invasion was a "B" movie filmed in the Nevada desert, staring Slim and Maguire as police officers. It was directed, Goldheimer, who had been given his last chance at making a successful movie. Financial backing, of four million dollars, was invested by the mysterious Mr Stutt, who also helped to supervise the movie. The film was produced by Bletcher.


Unknown Irish Actor, Maguire, and supporting actor, Slim, starred as the trapped policemen.

Supporting CastEdit

The Martians are played by Pete and Ray.

On Set Filmcrew and SupportEdit

The PlotEdit

Two policemen, responding to a flying saucer report, find themselves attacked by Martians and trapped in a cave.


Very few props were needed, but the star of the show was the full size Martian flying saucer with its gas canister launcher.

Scene 141Edit

The Martians have the Police officers trapped in a cave, they will not "surrender" so the Martian seals them in.

Unbeknown to Goldheimer, the Hood (disguised as Mr. Stutt) has increased the explosive charges.

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)Edit