The Martian Space Probe was to be transported to its launch site by a heavy-duty transporter vehicle with an attached trailer. There were three cahelium-strengthened hydraulic support stanchions to carry the rocket. One stanchion was on the transporter; the other two were on the trailer. To ensure the MSP's weight was evenly distributed, the transporter was equipped with weight-bearing suspension stanchions. The transporter could carry its heavy load with ease, though it could not travel at high speeds.

The transporter had ten wheels and a control room. There was also a crew quarters room. These rooms were located at the front of the transporter. Atop the control room was a warning klaxon, some lights, and a communications beacon. Also incorporated into the transporter were two forward headlights, as well as the power source behind the control room: an atomic reactor with an atomic pile, with two air turbine intakes for the cooling system.


There was a sign labelled "CAUTION" next to yellow and black stripes at the very back of the trailer. The transporter is very similar in design to the International Rescue Fire Tender, and various other commercial fire-fighting vehicles.

The entire transporter vehicle and the MSP were destroyed in the Allington Bridge disaster.

Cross-sections (Cutaway Drawings)Edit

As far as is known, only three cutaway drawings of the Martian Space Probe transporter vehicle (as well as the Martian Space Probe itself) exist. The first appeared in a Fleetway comic No.22

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  • The main vehicle model also appeared as a firefighting vehicle in City Of Fire.
  • The trailer model was also seen in Cry Wolf, in which it was parked in the pod bay on Tracy Island. In the "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons" episode Renegade Rocket, it briefly appeared as part of a missile transporter.