Mason is a character from Alias Mr. Hackenbacker. He is a steward on board the Skythrust when it makes its first flight.



Skythrust takes off, London-bound, and the fashion show begins. Madeline and Mason, hijacks the airliner, giving Captain Ashton instructions to fly to the Sahara Desert, where the rest of the gang awaits.

Return to London AirportEdit

Thunderbird 2 knocks-out the undercarriage with a missile, Aston tells Mason that they have no alternative but to head for London International Airport, were they at least have the facilities to handle a crash-landing. Reluctantly, he agrees.

The Game is UpEdit

The aircraft crash-lands at London Airport, but the secret 'Hackenbacker Device' comes into play, a rear-mounted electable fuel pod flies free and is detonated before the plane lands. Lady Penelope hold the hijackers at gun point until the police arrive.


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