Maxie is a character from The Cham-Cham. He is the owner of International Artistes Management Ltd, and an old friend of Parker.


Maxie gets a visit from Parker who wants him to hire Wanda Lamour (Lady Penelope) a very provocative singer at the Paradise Peaks Hotel. Maxie informs him he is running a big agency here and can't just send out to Paradise Peaks a singer he's never even heard of.

He soon changes his mind when Parker informs him that he recently meet Punchy Patterson, who happened to mention he still has unfinished business. Maxie tells Parker to keep his mouth shut and the deal is done.


  • The puppet that played Maxie also makes a cameo in the same episode, as the Paradise Peaks Hotel receptionist. It was previously seen as Bletcher, the film producer, in Martian Invasion, and made a cameo appearance in the audience at the Ned Cook Show at the end of Terror in New York City.