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Meddings Uranium Factory

Meddings Uranium Factory is a location from The Abominable Snowman. It appears at the start of the episode where the reactors are becoming engulfed in a devastating fire. The plant continues to explode until Virgil Tracy arrives in Thunderbird 2 and extinguishes the fire saving the factory from total destruction. It was located in New Mexico in the Nevada Desert in North America.

An unnamed reporter and his cameraman were on the scene, providing live coverage of the unfolding catastrophe for NTBS Television.



  • Although it is never made explicit in the actual episode, the Hood seems to be the person responsible for the fire. This is because he tells Parker that he kidnapped all the people in the ice cave to mine for uranium ore.
  • Its name and the explosions are a homage and tribute to the late original series explosives expert Derek Meddings.