Mike Trim


Date of Birth
August 26, 1945
Birth Name
Michael John Trim

Mike Trim (born August 26th, 1945) was a model-maker, scenic artist, designer, and storyboard artist on Thunderbirds season 1 and 2. He was originally hired as a special effects assistant, a role Trim held for a short while. Amongst the vehicles he designed are the Recovery Vehicles, the DOMO, and Skythrust.

Trim also worked on the 2004 Thunderbirds movie as a concept artist for a number of weeks. Amongst other things, he came up with a design for the interior of Thunderbird 2, but ultimately none of what Trim produced was used onscreen.

Other work within the film and TV industry includes Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Joe 90, and The Secret Service.

He gave invaluable help with research for 21st Century Visions, and also supplied original artwork to said book.

For Haynes' Thunderbirds manual, Trim contributed additional art to the book, specifically profile illustrations of the Thunderbirds; an illustration of Thunderbird 1, Thunderbird 2, and FAB 1 at London International Airport; and a colour illustration of the Transmitter Truck.

An interview with Trim was published in issue 9 of Andersonic. He was later interviewed for Filmed in Supermarionation - both the book and documentary. Additionally Trim received thanks on Thunderbirds: The Vault for the provision of additional images.

Supermarionation Cross-sections is dedicated to Mike Trim along with a number of other individuals who had involvement with the numerous A.P. Films/Century 21 productions.



  • His first name is Michael; Mike is simply a preferred name.

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