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Throughout the Thunderbirds series, numerous Military organisations were seen wearing uniforms; this is a detailed list of the types and designs worn.

Army Uniforms - Pit of PerilEdit

Colonel Sweeney Lt Ralph General Peters Captain Lt Mead Sgt Reynolds Frank Johnny Helijet Pilot Charlie

General's UniformEdit

Colonel's Uniform (Sidewinder)Edit

Lieutenant's UniformsEdit

Ralph's UniformEdit

Mead's Uniform Edit

Sergeant's UniformEdit

Sidewinder CrewEdit

Military Uniforms - Cry WolfEdit

Staff at Satellite HQ wear a variety of military uniforms, The Coronel in charge wares a grey uniform with a Air Force, winged badge on his Brest pocket, as do Lieutenant Lansfield and the Sargent. Other staff can be seen in Army (Green) and a Air Force (blue) uniforms and a map plotter is wearing a blue neck scarf similar to the crew in Sidewinder seen in the episode Pit of Peril.

Colonel's UniformEdit

Lieutenant's UniformEdit

Sargent's UniformEdit

Other UniformsEdit

Naval Uniforms - Terror In New YorkEdit

Sentinel CommanderEdit

First Officers uniformEdit

Naval Uniforms - Atlantic InfernoEdit

World Navy Submarine 'Reaper' Edit

W.N.S AtlanticEdit

Air Force Uniforms - Trapped In The Sky Edit

Lt Bob Meddings TX 204 pilot TX 204 Co-pilot Interceptor One Pilot

Air Force Uniforms -Edge Of ImpactEdit

Pilot Goddard Colonel Tim Casey Control Tower Lieutenant Captain

Colonel's uniformEdit

Tim Casey's uniform has wing badges on the collar and above the left breast pocket.

Red Arrow ControlEdit

Red Arrow PilotsEdit

Foreign Air ForceEdit

The Foreign Fighter Jet Pilot has a gold colored flying suit and peek cap. The cap has a blue oval patch with a "George Slaying the dragon" metal badge in the center.

Air Force Uniforms - The ImpostersEdit

Air Force Officer Air Force Lieutenant

Air Force Uniforms - The Cham-ChamEdit

Foreign Air ForceEdit


The base commander had blue shoulder and collar patches, were as the assistant controllers had ether a red, blue or green shoulder strap and badge surround.

The air crew of the RTL-2 transport planes all had the same blue uniform with two red shoulder stripes.