The Mobile Control Centre is a portable on-site command center module used during rescue missions. It is carried aboard Thunderbird 1.

Among its features are various audio/video communication systems to communicate with the other rescue vehicles. Included is a photo detector, which sounds an alarm if someone is photographing the Thunderbirds craft. Originally requiring two people to unload, an anti-gravity unit was developed to simplify loading and unloading.

Technical DataEdit

Depth: 1.5 metres
Height: 2 metres
Length: 2.3 metres

Trapped in the SkyEdit

City of FireEdit

Operation Crash DiveEdit

An electronic area scanner was used with the Mobile Control Centre placed outside the farmer's cow shed.

The Mighty AtomEdit

Scott used the mobile control when he arrived at the Saharan Atomic Station.

Vault of DeathEdit

Scott had his Mobile Control Centre brought down from the City of London Heliport into the Bank of England while attempting to save Lambert who was trapped inside the vault.

Martian InvasionEdit

Scott flies off to the Nevada desert, after International Rescue gets a call for help. Two actors are trapped in a cave that is quickly filling with water. The Hood had fixed the charges, which caused a giant explosion, so that he can film the Thunderbirds craft when they arrive.

When Scott arrives at the danger zone he quickly gets his Mobile Control set up and updates Virgil on the rescue. Unbeknown by Scott, the Hood is filming the whole event.

Terror in New York CityEdit

Oil Field FireEdit

Scott uses the Mobile Control when he directs operations from an oil well gantry, while Virgil tackles the raging fire in the Firefly.

Operation To Save Ned CookEdit

With Thunderbird 2 out of action, there is no way to get Thunderbird 4 to New York in time to save Ned Cook and Joe, who will be under water within twenty-two hours. Jeff Tracy makes a priority call to Washington and arranges for Thunderbird 4 to be transported to New York by the U.S.N. Sentinel, but the journey will still take twenty-four hours. Scott races ahead in Thunderbird 1 and establishes radio contact with Ned and Joe.

Desperate IntruderEdit

The mobile control was set up beside Lake Anasta after Brains had been trapped inside the Temple.

When Scott was summoned to assist Gordon with the rescue of Brains, Virgil took over at Mobile Control.

Atlantic InfernoEdit

Aboard the SeascapeEdit

After safely landing Thunderbird 1 on the deck of the Seascape, Alan sets up the Mobile Control Centre to over see the rescue, of the men trapped on the seabed.

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