Equipment & Vehicles
Mobile Control Vehicle
Mobile contol vehicle
Type: Controlled atmosphere vehicle
Affiliation: Thunderbird 2 (Pod 1)
Main Operator: Virgil Tracy
Appearances: Security Hazard
(non operational)

The Mobile Control Vehicle is a module that is used when deployment of Thunderbird 1's mobile control unit at the danger zone is judged either impractical or unsafe - due to circumstances like extreme temperatures or radiation levels.

It has the same features as Mobile Control, with the addition of a laboratory and a decontamination unit, along with some airlock doors.

Although it is never seen in actual use in the Thunderbirds TV series (nor in any of the films), it does make a cameo appearance - in the episode Security Hazard.

Fire Truck In Pod 1

The Mobile Control Vehicle next to the Monobrake in Pod 1