Equipment & Vehicles
Mobile Crane
Type: Mobile crane
Affiliation: International Rescue
Top Speed: Unknown
Main Operator: Scott Tracy
Appearances: Path Of Destruction

The Mobile Crane is a red six-wheeled pod vehicle stored in Pod 3. It is used to reach hard-to-get-to places. Its elevated platform unit can reach heights of upto about 50 feet. It incorporates a gyroscopic stabiliser. This enables the crane platform to remain level regardless of the stanchions' height or angle. The wheels are about the height of a fully-grown human, if not taller.

The cabin holds a central-positioned driver's console that is ergonomically simplified so it's easy to use. The cabin has a radio microphone for communication purposes. When the mobile platform unit is not in use, the support beam lowers down and the mobile platform unit rests on the roof of the vehicle, just behind the cabin. Behind the seats in the cabin is an access door that leads to the mobile platform unit. There are also steps on the right side of the vehicle that lead down to the ground. Just to the left side of the cabin is a grille for the purpose of air intake and is built to filter dust and debris. A few feet behind the grille is a searchlight for when the Mobile Crane is used in dark environments. At the rear of the Mobile Crane are ducts and outlet filters used for exhaust purposes.


The Mobile Crane only appears in Path Of Destruction.

Technical DataEdit

Length: 12 metres
Max speed: 128 kph
Power: single gas turbine engine
Seating Capacity: 3 (1 driver plus 2 crane platform operators)
Weight: 5 tonnes
Width: 3 metres


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