This is a list of all the goofs seen in Move - And You're Dead.

  • When Alan contacts his father at Tracy Island, Jeff asks him "How's the situation boy?" Alan informs him that Grandma has passed out in the heat and Alan's face is covered in sweat. But after a quick cut to Jeff saying "Passed out?" we return to Alan, and the sweat on his face has disappeared.
  • Also notice that, although men's shirts invariably have the buttons on the right, Alan's shirt has the buttons on the left.
  • The close-up shots clearly show that Alan's racing car is left-hand drive, but the miniature model used for the distance shots has the steering wheel on the right.
  • When Jeff is first contacted by Alan, he is sitting behind his desk, but when the picture cuts back to Jeff after a quick shot of Alan, Jeff is suddenly perched on the front of the desk, reading a magazine.

  • When Alan calls Grandma from the car park, the close up shot of his hand dialing her number shows the full-size telecall unit with letters on the left and numbers on the right, but on the puppet-size telecall unit, the numbers are on the left and the letters on the right.
  • The puppet-size model of Gomez's car seen in the close-ups has a very large number 7 behind the driver's position. The miniature model seen in the distance shots only has a small white number 7 on the door.
  • For a blonde 21-year-old, Alan's close-up (i.e. live-action) hand is remarkably hirsute with very dark hair.

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