"It all started the day we went to Parola Sands. Everything was going the way we planned. It looked like nothing could go wrong..."
— Alan Tracy

"Move - And You're Dead" is the twentieth episode of Thunderbirds season 1, first broadcast on 10th February 1966. It was the ninth episode to be produced overall.

Alan decides to return to the world of motor racing, using a car that was designed by Brains. Once he has won a major race, his jealous rivals steal the car and leave Alan and Grandma trapped on a bridge, along with a bomb that will go off if either of them move.


Alan and Grandma Tracy are trapped on a bridge upon which there is a bomb and an ultrasonic motion detector, which theoretically would set the bomb off if anyone moved. In a bid to escape, Alan calls International Rescue on his wristwatch.

Thunderbirds 1 and 2 are sent out, with Scott, Virgil and Brains on board, the situation only being explained fully once they are off the ground. Jeff then contacts Alan again, who reveals that Grandma has passed out from the heat, but can't fall - but if he passes out, then the ultrasonic motion detector will go off, because he can. Jeff persuades Alan to tell him the full story, so he knows how Alan got into the fix he's in.

Alan starts at the point where he's dropped off at Parola Sands by Virgil and Tin-Tin to be met by Kenny Malone, his engineer. Alan's arrival at the race causes a stir, not least with his rivals Victor Gomez and Johnnie Gillespie, who wish to sabotage the car as they believe Alan is a threat to their dominance.


Victor Gomez in his racing car.


Alan's racing car, the BR2.

On the race day itself, there are numerous crashes, but Alan is winning. Towards the end of the race, Gomez finally catches up with Alan, and buffets his car along the final straight, but Alan overtakes and wins anyway.

Alan makes arrangements to call in at Grandma's house to pick her up after the race, but whilst he is calling, Gomez and Gillespie take over the car park's car stacking system and push a car off, causing it to land on the call booth in an attempt to kill Alan. However, Alan has already left the call booth. He has lunch at Grandma's house, and takes her to the rendezvous.

However, the route they were supposed to take was shut off by road works, and Gomez and Gillespie are waiting, with guns. They make Alan drive onto the bridge of San Miguel (which is not due to open for another two months) and tell Alan and Grandma to get on a gantry on the bridge and take an ultrasonic motion detector with them. After this, Gomez and Gillespie drive off.

After Alan finishes his story, Jeff tells Scott to keep Alan talking. This is easier said than done, as by now, Alan is delirious. Thunderbird 2 arrives at the rescue site, landing carefully to avoid setting off the ultrasonic motion detector. Brains neutralizes the device and Virgil takes Alan (who finally collapses) and Grandma. Not long after they are removed from the bridge, the bomb explodes.

Scott chases after Gomez and Gillespie, who are arguing over which way they should go when Scott starts firing in a bid to get them to stop. However, they lose control of the car and crash - though whether or not they survive is unknown.

On returning to Tracy Island, Virgil makes Alan stand perfectly still for hours while holding the heavy trophy, so he can paint a portrait of him. When Alan sees the finished picture, he realizes he's been had: it's an abstract painting which doesn't resemble him in the least. Scott thinks it's an excellent joke, but Alan is not at all amused - and gets his own back by pressing a button on Jeff's desk which causes the part of the floor the others are standing on to go down!

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  • In this episode, Grandma Tracy moves to Tracy Island, even though she had been seen on the island in previous episodes. Either this story takes place chronologically before those episodes, or else she was merely visiting on those occasions.
  • Originally an half-hour episode it was the last to be filmed before Lew Grade decided to expand the length of the episodes to 50 minutes.
  • This is the only appearance of the Jet-Air Transporter and the Neutralizer Tractor.


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Foreign TitlesEdit

  • French: Un geste et vous êtes mort
  • German: Keine falsche Bewegung!
  • Spanish: Un Movimiento y Moriremos; Muévete y morirás (DVD)
  • Italian: Se ti muovi sei spacciato
  • Dutch: Beweeg en je bent dood (TV 1968); Wie beweegt is dood (TV 1991); Verroer je niet! (VHS, DVD)
  • Japanese: オートレーサー・アランの危機

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