Mr. Charles New Puppet

Mr. Charles is a character from both the The Stately Homes Robberies and its visual counterpart. He and his chauffeur Dawkins were professional jewel thieves who robbed stately homes including Creighton-Ward Manor. They also tried to steal the Crown Jewels from The Tower of London, but they were eventually stopped by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, Parker and Gordon Tracy.

After failing to steal the Crown Jewels, he reveals to Penelope and Parker that the actual reason he planned to rob stately homes and the Crown Jewels was to avenge his ancestors, the Grandvilles family, as they once owned valuable jewelry including the Crown Jewels, but they were reclaimed by Penelope's Ancestors who were loyal subjects of King Richard the Lionhart. Having recorded this confession with a recorder that only picks up male voices (provided by Brains), Lady Penelope had him and Dawkins arrested.


Mr Charles and Dawkins defeated.

He was voiced by Peter Dyneley.


  • The artwork for Mr. Charles puppet head was unveiled officially on the official Thunderbirds 1965 Kickstarter, Twitter and Facebook page on November 6, 2015.
  • He's the only puppet character to ever wear a monocle.
Mr Charles Puppet Head designs

Mr. Charles concept art

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