Mr. Williams is the father of Bob and Tony Williams. He was seen in Cry Wolf.


Williams with his sons Bob and Tony




Williams' Dark RoomEdit

Under the guise of a weather station, Mr. Williams actually runs a satellite tracking station (Dunsley Tracker) and is engaged in top secret research for the military. To keep the boys unaware of its true nature, Mr. Williams, refers to his concealed room containing his tracking equipment as the "Dark Room", and tells the boys it is full of breakable things so they must keep out.

Worrying NewsEdit

After the false alarm, Scott takes the boys back to Tracy Island for a guided tour, but the story makes headlines in the newspaper which worries the boys' father.


The Hood attempts to break into Williams' control room, but Williams gets a message to Colonel Jameson, who orders him to destroy the top-secret photos from the spy satellite, as it will take three hours to get help out to the remote station. Williams suggests that Jameson call International Rescue, who can get there within thirty-five minutes.

The Hood hypnotises Williams before he can destroy the photos, burns his way through Williams' security door with a welding torch, and then escapes with the spy photos in his jeep.