Mrs. Files is a character from Attack of the Alligators!. She is the housekeeper at Dr. Orchard's residence.


Mrs. Files


Mr Files is housekeeper for Dr. Orchard at the River House once owned by Lopez.

A Visit by BlackmerEdit

She informs the doctor of the arrival of Blackmer, who was brought up river by Culp in his riverboat to witness a new super drug that Dr. Orchard has developed in his laboratory.

The Violent StormEdit

While Blackmer is at the River House, a violent storm breaks out, so he and Culp must stay overnight. Mrs Files locks the laboratory and retires for the night with the keys.

Mrs Files is Called Into QuestionEdit

In the morning Dr. Orchard is called to his laboratory by his assistant Hector McGill who has noticed that the Theramine has been tampered with, Mrs Files is asked "was the door locked last night" and she assured him it was. Dr. Orchard realised it must have been Culp or Blackmer. Seconds later they hear gun fire and screaming coming from the river, they race to the front door to investigate.

Dr. Orchard and McGill race to the jetty, McGill managers to get Blackmer to safety, while Orchard is chased back to the house by another Alligator, Mrs Files stands by the door and lets in Orchard in the nick of time.

Mrs Files suggests that they call International Rescue and McGill sends the plea for help.

The RescueEdit

Dr. Orchard, Hector McGill and Mrs. Files shelter in the basement laboratory, which very quickly becomes unsafe as the alligators attack the house. Dr. Orchard is struck by a falling beam that knocks him to the ground. As the building continues to crumble they move upstairs, hoping it would be safer.

Scott manages to gain entrance to the house through a side window but is taken by surprise by Culp who using a secret underground passageway built by the previous owner.

Merging from behind a bookcase he shoots Scott's gun from his hand and disarms him. Culp intends to make a getaway with Dr. Orchard's Theramine, threating to pour it into the swamp unless he is given clear passage. He sets off in Dr. Orchard's motor launch. Suddenly a fourth alligator attacks Culp's boat and he is thrown into the swamp. Scott and Orchard watch in horror as the phial is lost into the swamp.