Ned Cook is a National Television Broadcasting System (N.T.B.S) reporter seen in Terror In New York City.


Ned Cook is a very enthusiastic reporter who is regarded by Jeff Tracy as someone who'd do "anything for a story", a sentiment subsequently echoed by Scott Tracy.

He would never give up trying to film, even if he is told or if it could put his life in danger as he regards that they stay in the danger zone as tradition of the N.T.B.S.

Oil Well AssignmentEdit

Ned Cook tried to go against International Rescue's strict policy of no TV, no photographs, but he soon discovered that his attempt had failed, as the Automatic Camera Detector on board Thunderbird 1 had alerted Scott to the fact that his departure was being filmed.

New York AssignmentEdit

Ned Cook and his cameraman were sent to New York to report on the moving Empire State Building, while his cameraman Joe was filming it. Ned explores in detail of how long it took to plan it out. It took a total of 12 years to get to where they are now; 10 years of planning and two of construction. Ned gets very excited when the Empire State Building starts to move and at first isn't aware the ground is collapsing beneath him. He soon realizes "something's gone wrong!" and the ground is like an earth tremor beneath his feet. Ned panics and speeds up his speech. Jeff Tracy wonders why a crazy fool would stay there but Scott reminds him that he'd do anything for a story. Meanwhile Ned is reassuring the people that it looks like it's going to be alright. Ned then nods at somebody and says he has just been ordered off of the site by the police and says that there's real danger that the building could collapse at any moment. Before he can finish his sentence of "we'll be on the air again as soon as we have..." Ned falls into a hole followed by his cameraman Joe. The next thing we see is that Ned and Joe are both lying down on some rocks. Ned looks up and ask Joe if he's okay and Joe reluctantly says that he's okay. Ned then mentions that he and Joe need to get out of there and fast. Meanwhile the Empire State Building is on the verge of collapsing. Eventually the Empire State Building gives way and falls on top of them, apparently killing them both. The T.V reveals the leftover of the Empire State Building. Jeff reckons they didn't make it however everyone is shocked to hear Ned's voice over the radio. Ned mentions they weren't hurt but can hear water coming in.  



  • Ned Cook was featured on one of the autographed cards in the series released by Unstoppable Cards, Ltd in 2015.

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