"Listen, buster! You've done a great job here today! Now let me do mine!"

Ned Cook is a National Television Broadcasting System (N.T.B.S) reporter, who - with his cameraman, Joe - finds himself far too close to the action than even he would like, in Terror in New York City.


Ned's a very enthusiastic reporter, one with a bulldog temperament when it comes to getting his story...a trait that can and often does get in the way of his better judgment, even to the extreme of putting his life, and Joe's, in danger. Even if told to stop filming or to clear out of the area, he wouldn't - as, to him, this would go against the tradition of N.T.B.S.

For this reason, Jeff Tracy doesn't hold too high an opinion of him - instead regarding him as someone who'd do "anything for a story," a sentiment subsequently echoed by his eldest son, Scott.


Oil Well AssignmentEdit

When Ned tried to go against International Rescue's strict policy of no TV, no photographs - despite having been warned - and film the departing Thunderbird 1, Scott (alerted by TB1's Automatic Camera Detector) overtook Ned's camera truck and electromagnetically wiped Joe's film...

New York AssignmentEdit

Ned and Joe had been sent to New York, to report on and film the moving of the Empire State Building. Ned explored in detail, for his audience, how getting to this day had taken a total of 12 years - 10 years of planning, and two of construction. Ned excitedly describes what he sees as the huge skyscraper begins to move...while initially unaware the ground beneath him is collapsing!  

Although panicking at first and speeding up his speech, Ned manages to reassure his viewers that it looks like it's going to be all right. He then nods at someone, saying he's just been ordered off the site by the police; there's real danger that the building could topple at any moment. Before he can finish his sentence of "we'll be on the air again as soon as we have..." he abruptly disappears, into a newly-opened hole...  

Ned comes to, finding that he and Joe have both landed on some rocks. Is Joe okay? He reluctantly says that he is. They need to get out of there, Ned says, and fast. Above, the teetering Empire State Building gives way and collapses entirely, the debris raining down on top of them. As the TV reveals the site of the wreckage, both men are believed to have perished - but then, everyone's shocked to hear Ned's voice, over the radio! And he and Joe can hear water, from somewhere, coming in...  


John sports a variation of it while home on leave, in Desperate Intruder.


  • Ned Cook was featured on one of the autographed cards in the series released by Unstoppable Cards, Ltd in 2015.