Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and Parker are invited to break into the vault of the Bank of England to illustrate that improved security is required.

The Bank JobEdit

After cutting the wires to the alarms, Parker soon gets to work on the safe, and after a tense few minutes, cracks it open to the dismay of the Bank Manager and his staff.

Grubs Up!Edit

On his return from the Bank of England, Parker has tea in the kitchen of Creighton-Ward Manor; he is served up his favorite meal (stew) by Lil (Lady Penelope's cook).

Light Fingered Fred at it Again ?Edit

Thinking his old pal Light Fingered Fred is breaking into the Bank of England, Parker cuts the power to the Video Phone to stop Lord Silton contacting the Bank.

Parker Comes CleanEdit

Realizing Parker is deliberately driving slow, she confronts him over the reason. He tells her of his days in prison, sharing a cell with Light-Fingered Fred who told him he wanted to do "one last job" before retiring; that one job being: "The Bank of England".

Breaking into the Bank of England for a Second TimeEdit

When they finally arrive at the Bank of London, Parker takes seconds to pick the lock with one of Lady Penelope's hairpins. Surprised at how long it took to break into the old vault , she asks Parker "how was this possible?". Parker replies "I had an audience the first time, and one should never disappoint an audience."

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