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Throughout the Thunderbirds television series, several Non Military Uniforms were seen. Herein is a detail list of the types and designs worn.

Airport Personnel - Trapped In The SkyEdit

Commander Norman

Assistant Controller


Civil Aviation Uniforms - Trapped In The SkyEdit

Captain Hanson

Fireflash Co-Pilot

Air Terrainean Guide

Tower Control Uniforms - City Of FireEdit

Tower Controller

Tower Control Assistant

Ocean Pioneer UniformsEdit

The crew of the two ships of the Ocean Pioneer shipping company wore merchant naval uniforms.


  • Commander
  • Ships Captain
  • 1st Officer
  • Lieutenant
  • Number Two


Commanders wore a kaki uniform with gold brad and three rings on cuffs. Officers wore navy blue uniform with three rings on cuffs and officers wore a plain blue uniform with no markings.

Officer's CapsEdit

Ocean Pioneer 1 (1) and Ocean Pioneer II (2)