Virgil and Gordon return from Oahu

Oahu is a island in Pacific Ocean, seen in Danger At Ocean Deep. International Rescue receives a distress call after the island is hit by a typhoon, and hospital patients are in danger.

Oahu DisasterEdit

Scott Tracy is sent to help, he reports on the situation and request that Thunderbird 2 with a double crew and Pod 3 are needed. As Alan is due for satellite duty in Thunderbird 5, Gordon accompanies Virgil in Thunderbird 2.

The boys managed to shore up all the walls with hydrostats, but not before the isolation ward collapsed, luckily there were no cases in the ward at the time, so there were no casualties.

Suddenly all radio transmissions are blocked out, leaving International Rescue blind and deaf. When Scott arrives back at base he reports that short range transmissions were normal.

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